There is no idea so stupid that you can't find a professor who will believe it.

Muslim women wear veils to help integrate into society and mix with non-Muslims say idiots

Muslim women wear the veil to help them integrate into modern society, a new study argues.

The veil may help young, educated Muslim women to mix with non-Muslim friends, work outside the home and speak to strangers.

This is because it provides a ‘strategic response’ to the temptations and threats of modern western life into which they are integrating, according to research by Oxford University professors.

  • John Martin

    I will never understand why would a Muslim want to immigrate to a Western country bringing their medieval traditions with them when they know they are hated? Assimilate or go back to the middle East and stay there.

    • B__2

      In general the reason is welfare payments and a sense that they should be allowed to share the prosperity created by Western Civilization. Since many of them believe in the separation of the world into Dar al Islam (‘land of Islam’) and Dar al Harb (‘land of War’), they already believe they are at war with Western Civilization and expect to be hated as the enemy as they hate us.

      The monetary benefits of most Western countries makes it an easy choice compared to their home countries. For example, a Syrian ‘refugee’ in Sweden will be paid up to ten times what the average Syrian worker would be paid in Syria, and not have to spend a minute working for it either.

      • Conquest by welfare!

        • Alain

          And numbers.

          • infedel

            We Can StopThat.

    • Ego

      Here is the answer:
      Robert Spencer in Ottawa April 13: The real motive for Islamic migration to the West:

    • Clausewitz

      It’s a political statement, and has nothing to do with history or tradition.

  • infedel

    Bullshit …it is a moslem brotherhood push for sharia

  • Frances

    Note it’s the “more religious” women who are embracing the black hoods. Wouldn’t it be just those women who are also embracing some of the less savory edicts of the prophet (PBOH) regarding the duty of Muslims to turn all the world into Dar al Islam and who are using religious garb to promote same?

    Incidentally, though I agree the hijab, niqab, and birkah (particularly the latter two) are generally oppressive to women, I can see that some women would embrace them as empowering. Remember a trip to Banff National Park during which, at one particular attraction, encountered a woman in what I would describe as niqab sans face covering. Said woman was attended, very deferentially, by several young men. Had no difficulty figuring out who ruled the roost in that household. Same with the Shafia family – did Mrs Shafia look at all downtrodden? There is a certain power in putting on an outfit, particularly one which covers the face, and forcing others (particularly the kafir) to serve you. You are totally anonymous and – from that anonymity – can accuse anyone you like of whatever insults towards you. The accused has no recourse, as can’t even begin to identify the accuser.

  • Will Quest

    Ideological extortion, insisting the west bends a knee to sharia-compliancy, to bow to it’s existential need to submit humanity to their divine interventions……. Modesty/humility a large part of these types of virtues is about not attracting undue attention to oneself . Burkinis on a beach or all manner of ideological uniforms in the secular public square is about islam being a glaring signpost , one marking it’s territory, it’s a crass walking billboard a brass neon sign of islamism …… the century will bring sharia not kumbaya …… the rigid orthodoxy of islamic veiling is goose-stepping it’s way into western secular public spaces…. drip-by-drip-by-drip-by-Sharia-drip , cleverly using victimhood to sway the regressive-progressives and gain political clout while simultaneously vociferously proclaiming their ideological superiority ………. masters of passive/aggressive behaviour……. hell knows no fury as a supremacist ideology scorned…… the righteous indignation is palpable…… nothing, absolutely nothing but a submissive obedience can soothe that savage breast and the pain of unrequited love ……. This effrontery bulldozing it’s way into our secular public sphere will remain relentless until the holy-jihad to implement sharia-compliancy is accomplished. ….. Institutionalized , systematic, islamic state sponsored & ideologically driven sharia is at our door steps. A ‘Caveat Emptor’ to this creeping sharia, Europe is infested with islamic no-go-zones ruled by nefarious sharia………..

  • Barrington Minge

    What a load of bollocks!!!

    • AlanUK

      A cartful of antediluvian shoemakers!