Katie Hopkins says lectures from Alan Kurdi’s dad are worthless as he ‘left family’ to die

Katie Hopkins has caused a social media storm after tweeting how she will not take lectures about migrants from tragic Alan Kurdi’s father who “left his family at the bottom of the sea”.

Virtue signalling class outraged!


Arab Kurdi Cartoon

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim family values — abandonment, misogyny and honor killing.

    • And we’re stuck with the Bill.

      • Dana Garcia

        Too true. Cultural as well as financial.

  • John

    In Islam, the whole women and children first principle only applies when it comes to lining up to die. In all other instances, like at meal time, it’s women and children last.

  • Waffle

    Refresher course:

    1. The Kurdis were NOT “refugees” . They had been living safely in Turkey for several years.
    2. All signs point to Abdullah making extra money as a people smuggler.
    3. Abdullah wanted to get to Germany to take advantage of the “free” dental care. He was willing to risk the lives of his wife and children in order to get a new set of choppers.

    End of story.

  • caliroxanne

    Muslim lives matter…only when it involves Israel.

  • The media are trying to revive last year’s pro-Muslim hysteria that flooded Europe with unemployable Muslims. It doesn’t seem to work – a few weeks ago, the campaign around Dusty Boy’s photo fell flat. Only Heather Mallick wrote a piece demanding that we bring his family to Canada.

    • ntt1

      send mallick to aleppo .

  • ntt1

    I read that the unfortunate young Kurdi was originally washed ashore amongst mixed boulders and sand but he was repositioned like a pallywood dead child onto a wave lapped sandy beach to afford better camera angles. his dad pushed for making the unsafe trip in order to score some free dental work.