Copenhagen attack: ISIS claims responsibility for shooting that injured two police officers

Isis has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack that injured two police officers and a bystander in Copenhagen.

The officers were assaulted while on patrol in the Danish capital’s district of Christiania, which is known for its drugs trade, on Wednesday.

In a statement released through its online propaganda agency, Isis described the attacker as a “soldier of the Islamic State”, saying he was responding to jihadists’ calls for followers to carry out atrocities in the West.

  • B__2

    “He apparently has ties to [militant Islamist group] Millatu Ibrahim and sympathies for Isis,” police said in an initial statement, adding that there was “no evidence that [his alleged terrorist sympathies] has influenced the shooting incidents.”

    Again the membership of an ideology that hates non-muslims and Western Civilization is believed to have no relationship to an attack on these hated groups.

  • infedel

    Multi-culti is not worth it…and screw islam.