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denmarkmeme-750Another Liberal Meme Promoting Socialism Ripped to Shreds

Denmark has some of the highest, if not THE highest, taxes in the world. On top of having extremely high income taxes they also have a 25% sales tax.

So all the ‘free stuff’ they are talking about in the meme, isn’t actually free. The people who actually work (it’s a huge welfare state as well) are the ones paying for everything. Imagine working most of the week to pay for government programs, getting your pay check to realize they took more than HALF of YOUR hard-earned income to redistribute elsewhere?

burquaSurvey: Majority in Switzerland want to ban burka

The survey was published by Le Matin Dimanche and asked 15,824 people across Switzerland what they thought about the issue. 55 percent of respondents fully approved of banning the burka and 16 percent were on the whole in favour.

96 percent of those who vote for the Swiss People’s Party approved of the ban while 73 percent of Liberal-Radical voters and 75 percent of Christian-Democrats do as well.

trumpMainstream Media: Defeat Trump by Attacking His Supporters

The Observer and others have detailed the ways in which traditional media companies and even tech companies have colluded to maximize negative coverage of Trump and minimize negative coverage of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. But it doesn’t end there. As Rutenberg described, many journalists feel the need to “move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional.”

That opposition has extended into new and uncharted territory. In the coordinated effort to stop a dangerous candidate from obtaining, to use Rutenberg’s breathless description of the stakes, “control of the United States nuclear codes,” the mainstream media has taken not just to bashing Trump but to extracting a price even from those who support him.

plannedparenthoodwisconsinCalifornia Passes Bill to Jail Reporters Who Film Undercover Footage at Planned Parenthood

California Senators passed an oppressive, Planned Parenthood-backed bill on Wednesday to stop whistleblowers and journalists from conducting undercover investigations of any “health care providers.”

The Center for Medical Progress’s undercover video project did a lot of damage to Planned Parenthood when it revealed the abortion giant’s baby body parts operation. Through the California bill, Planned Parenthood is trying to stop anyone from trying to expose its horrendous practices ever again.

Shimon-Dotan-e1472741572577Israeli filmmaker disinvited at Syracuse U: “BDS faction on campus will make matters very unpleasant”

I was aware of this situation of faculty supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement getting an Israeli filmmaker removed from a campus conference at Syracuse University, but had to wait for The Atlantic to report on it.

It’s one of the most outrageous examples I have seen of how the BDS movement has poisoned academia. It also proves that BDS is lying when it says it only boycotts institutions not individuals. It also reflects the so-called “silent boycott” where Israelis face discrimination below the radar even when contrary to university policy.

yvonne-allenAlabama DMV: ‘Only Muslims can cover their hair for ID’s, Christians can not’

When Yvonne Allen went to renew her driver’s license, she wasn’t expecting to discuss the Bible. But she soon found herself trying to defend her Christian beliefs.

“Are you Muslim?” Allen recalls the woman asking her. When Allen said she was Christian, she says the clerk replied, “Only Muslim women have the right to cover their hair in their driver’s license photos.”

RutgersFullBoardRutgers: to avoid microaggressions, only speak when ‘necessary’

The display, photos of which were obtained by Campus Reform, is titled “Language Matters: Think,” and was placed in the College Avenue Apartments by a resident assistant, according to a current resident of the building who does not wish to be identified.

Erected as part of the university’s “Language Matters” campaign, the bulletin board instructs students to ask themselves whether their choice of words is “true,” “helpful,” “inspiring,” “necessary,” and “kind” before speaking out, and also includes a list of potentially-offensive terms, such as “retarded” and “illegal aliens.”

1-Police-641250Ungrateful migrants hold reception staff ‘hostage’ over ‘awful’ food and ‘frightful’ conditions

Witnesses say migrants suddenly denounced their “frightful living conditions”, and complaining about the low-quality of the food being served at the French reception centre.

The protest, which witnesses claim remained “peaceful”, took place inside the reception centre – a converted retirement home – which is home to more than 100 migrants.

black-teen-assaults-5-yr-old-girl-1Black 17yo Assaults 5yo White Girl on School Bus, School Officials Defend As “Normal”

A 17-year-old black teenager was caught on tape assaulting a 5-year-old white girl while riding on a school bus in South Carolina.

The teen, Tavon Walters, was on probation at the time of the assault. It’s not clear why he was allowed to ride the bus with a 5-year-old that’s 12 years his junior. Nonetheless, the school’s superintendent Phyllis Schwarting defended Tavon’s actions saying: “The behavior on the bus was not any more abnormal than most buses.”

Hillary-Clinton-and-Julian-Assange-AP-Photos-640x480Assange: Media ‘Erecting a Demon’ by Protecting Hillary Clinton

“The American liberal press, in falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton, are erecting a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks as soon as she wins the election, which is almost certainly what she’s going to do,” said Assange.

Becker questioned Assange’s own political leanings, asking whether or not his biases were affecting his objectivity. Assange replied that WikiLeaks’ “enormous range” was not highlighted by the media and that WikiLeaks had released over 10 million documents on multiple organisations across many countries, highlighting money laundering schemes and the “oil-money mill” in Russia.


  • tom_billesley

    A founder of the Latinos for Trump group on Thursday warned that without Donald Trump in the White House, there would be “taco trucks on every corner” in America.
    “My culture is a very dominant culture,” the Mexican-born Marco Gutierrez said on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes.” “It is imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

    • Much as I like Tacos…

    • V10_Rob

      On the other hand, if I had to choose between taco trucks and halal donair carts…

  • V10_Rob

    Re. Denmark: It’s not the amount of my money taxed away that is the problem per se, it’s whether I’m getting value for that money.

    Re. Trump: They’re learning. Vilifying Trump has no effect. Vilifying those under him, scrutinizing and dissecting every aspect of their lives across the ‘news’, that could pay off. Maybe not in terms of votes, assuming disgust with the media doesn’t drive people into Trump’s camp, but it could hamstring his ability to campaign if his staff are forced to disassociate because the media is going after their relatives. This is 4th-rate tabloid bullshit, “Shocking details about Princess Di’s hairdresser’s roommate’s aunt”.

    • Mariesgeorge3

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    • xavier

      Yeah but class actions by those affected might deter MSM. Yeah they’really powerful but all it takes is 1 civil pursuit and the sandcastles gets washed away.

      Seriously time to up the game with some hard-core lawfare

      Same goes for the California no law protecting planned parenthood. The entity thinks it’s won a permanent victory but there are more Kermit Gosnells lurking and eventually reality will force itself. The truth emerges no matter how much it’s suppressed

    • FivePointSpurgeon

      There’s one thing they either willfully or ignorantly ignore is once you take away a man’s way of challenging things legally or freely, you only give him nothing to lose.

      And there is nothing so dangerous as a man with nothing to lose.

  • Editor

    Re: Denmark – The notion of “free” stuff from government is strongly rooted in leftist mindset. Americans often cited Canada as a great example of “free healthcare” when Obamacare was rolled out. I figure 50% of them are genuinely stupid and the other half are disingenuous hypocrites.

    • “The government has no money except what they take from you” is a difficult concept for some.

      • Editor

        I remember seeing a young woman on CNN a few months back, seriously “schooling” a reporter about how the government just prints money when it needs it. Although that does sometimes seem like the obama administration’s policy, she had no clue whatsoever about monetary policy or reserves, etc
        There’s also the fact that the greatest proponents of income redistribution on the highway robbery scale of Denmark are usually recipients of such largesse thus just pay into it at the sales tax level. It’s always easy to be generous with other people’s money.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let’s be clear. In Denmark and countries of their ilk – the government works largely not as a redistribution machine but as more or less Mother of Everyone. There’s little notion that the people paying for everything are watching all their money go elsewhere. In a small homogenous country like Denmark most people get more or less the same things out of the system.

    THAT is the key difference.

    In the US the objective is completely different. Middle class people who keep the system running get NOTHING back, by design. THEY don’t get free healthcare and free this and that and a place on line ahead of others, They are society’s ATM’s.

    YOU ARE NEVER going to get free anything and YOU will told that you’re a racist criminal if you ask. No – only the chosen poor brown and black people get the ‘free stuff’. Sorry but those are the rules.

    THAT is why this is a prickly subject for Americans. For everyone who pays in to the system you may as well set fire to your money in the street for all the good that will come back to you.

    Whereas in Denmark, Sweden, etc. EVERYONE. EV-RY-ONE from the first dollar pay taxes even if they are poor. Even if they’re on Welfare.

    Can you imagine if someone tried to do that here? Everyone gets free stuff but now the 47% of Americans who are takers have to pay taxes? You’d able to see the flames from space.

    • moraywatson

      Yeah right. Socialism would work properly if it were just done on a small enough scale.

      • Hard Little Machine

        We’re talking about two different things. In the Nordic countries it’s not really socialism either. Nor it is what Bernie Sanders is talking about. Not really. Socialism doesn’t really work anywhere, it doesn’t really exist anywhere. It’s just rhetoric. It’s nonsense more or less. It’s like saying “Being nice is nice”. Uh – ok, awesome unassailable platitude.

        No, the point is that RE distributive systems don’t work. The Danish system is more of a nationalization of everything, but with a light touch. And, yes, in a country of 5.6 million people which is neither growing nor shrinking and everyone is pretty much ‘Danish’, speaks Danish, goes to Danish schools, Danish churches (or not as the case may be), are all descendants of Danes for the last 500 years, generally have no complaints about Denmark, are all white, look, act, talk and think the same things…..yes….culturally that’s a fantastic advantage.

        • moraywatson

          Enforced co-operation.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Well in a sense yes. I don’t think they see it as that. At least for now. In the US it would be mandated and the louder people squawked the more laws and enforcement and policing and taxes they would pile on.

  • ontario john

    CBC and CTV are excited this morning on how wonderful comic book hero Trudeau is in China. Everyone thinks he is so young, cool, and handsome there. I hope that Canadian held in prison there gets to see him on tv. And the CBC has a Canada is racist story and heartwarming story that Canada needs more muslim refugees.

  • ontario john

    That old commie Rick Salutin at The Toronto Star, reminds us today on their website, that its the state’s role as primary educator of children, not parents. Otherwise you have parents under the influence of evil Hitler Harper influencing what kids are taught. So please remember, the Toronto Star knows whats best for us in Sunny Ways Ontario.

  • tom_billesley

    “Language Matters: Think”
    Asking people to think is dangerous. They may think for themselves.

  • Editor

    Re: Ungrateful migrants – First off, can we call them what they are: illegal immigrants. I doubt most of them did the proper paperwork, in their home countries, to “immigrate”, in the true legal sense of the word, to France. Second, this says a lot about where they see themselves in the social hierarchy of French society. Berating the wait staff, as it were. I fear Europe is going to get worse before it gets better.

  • John

    Heavy taxation probably works in Denmark because the county’s bureaucracy is far more streamlined and efficient than in other Western countries. When you pay a nickel in, you get a nickel back. And since the country is homogeneous, there are probably no hiring quotas for ‘visible minorities’ whose pick-ass *work* ethic puts everything on tilt.

    Years ago here in Canada (pre-Trudeau), Ottawa actually functioned quite well. The do-gooder introduction of massive numbers of Third-Worlders into the federal civil service killed everything. Yes, White bureaucrats back then COULD be lazy, but then other White bureaucrats who WEREN’T could freely criticize and denounce them without fear of retribution.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Around 40 years ago, I took a tour of Denmark. At one of the palaces, there was an exhibit of 19th Century sculptures by Thorvaldsen. One of them showed a demon holding his head in his hands with an expression of horror on his face. “He just received his tax bill,” quipped our guide.