Bear saunters up to woman in backyard

  • ntt1

    What an idiot, Talk about putting yourself in harms way. if the bear had done anything it would be immediately killed, granted they are not threatened but they are large potentially hostile wildlife. Around my area Black bears have proliferated to the point that competition for food is fierce, and attacks on humans by black bears are becoming more common. No sane person would do as this woman did.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The only thing I agree with Colbert on is that we hate bears.

      • ntt1

        Funny that..both Colbert and bears are progressive collectivists. . bears are more overt preferring to openly steal your stuff then rip up and crap on the rest Colbert might do this too but his publicity peeps keep it under wraps I guess

    • SMC_BC

      What area do you live that black bear attacks are common?

      • ntt1

        Not what I said please reread

        • SMC_BC

          You wrote “Around my area…attacks on humans by black bears are becoming more common”.

          That’s why I asked what area you live.

          • ntt1

            No you asked me where bear attacks on humans were common not what I said at all. Are you a progressive?

          • SMC_BC

            You wrote (this is a cut and paste) “Around my area Black bears have proliferated to the point that competition for food is fierce, and attacks on humans by black bears are becoming more common.”

            I asked, in what area do you live….

          • ntt1

            A rural area north of
            Vancouver similar to the Island but a lot less retired swivel servants and military.lots of bears ,had five in the yard once . more Cougars now and grizzlies are becoming quite common due to maturing cut blocks (20 years) creating more browse and small furry critters to prey on

          • SMC_BC

            Thanks. I’m on the Island, I guess you figured that out. Officially we only have black bears on the Island but there have been a few grizzly sightings in the north and a dog was killed by a grizzly in Sayward.

            I knew Sparwood on the Mainland had a few grizzly attacks but I hadn’t heard of any black bear problem.

    • The Butterfly

      We need more bear hunting then.

      • SMC_BC

        Why? Like most types of game, population numbers are kept and there is a yearly hunt accordingly. At least, that’s how they do it in BC.

        I did hear, years ago, in Sudbury, the hunt was cancelled due to pressure from environmentalists which resulted in an overpopulation problem.

        For the most part if you bang a couple of pots together bears take off.

  • mobuyus

    She’s got to have one big bore pistol( 454 ,460, 440 super-mag.) at hand to be remaining that calm.

    • SMC_BC

      I don’t know of any place where you can shoot within city limits. That said, I live on the Island. We’re surrounded by black-tail deer and have black bear & cougars in the area. Four months ago, a cougar had to be shot two doors down from me because it was hunting during the day, that’s an odd behavior. For the most part animals don’t bother you, expect deer, they’re a pain in the ass. When a bear or cougar is sighted people call Conservation. Warning signs are posted if it’s a bear. That’s it, no biggie. If the animal is a threat or if it’s acting abnormal Conservation does something otherwise they record the sighting and that’s all. Usually the animal is on it’s way to somewhere else and they leave you alone. (Except deer, they’re everywhere, they eat your garden and poop….. grrr)

      • Minicapt

        A couple months ago, I was reading through the after-midnight news. I heard several guard dogs getting very excited, in the industrial park across the highway, and then a ‘cat’ snarled; the dogs then apparently moved to a safer location.


  • Hard Little Machine

    How YOU doin?

  • Jay Currie

    Second Runner Up in this year’s Darwin awards.

  • Dana Garcia

    Phew, lucky she didn’t have to use karate to fight off the bear like a Japanese man recently did.