Canadian research body relied on paper communications after Chinese hack

Upon discovering that it had been hacked by China, the Canadian government’s scientific-research body did digital damage control on an enormous scale. Firing up its vintage fax machines, it jettisoned scores of computer servers, bought its staff hundreds of new laptops and drew up a list of about 20,000 corporate partners in Canada whose secrets risked being collateral damage.

  • Does Canada even need to make deals with China? Trudeau will just give it away for free.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Using older technology is a good idea when under threat.
    At work, we’ve uncoupled all of the critical systems from the network.
    Some of them couldn’t have been hooked up to the network anyway.
    The only way we can access them is to walk to the terminal that gives us the data.
    My buddies bitch about it but I say get off your ass and go for a walk.
    It’ll do you some good.

  • canminuteman

    Because China is our friend! That’s why Zoolander is opening more visa offices in China, so he can import more chinese students to displace the Canadian kids whose parents have been paying taxes to support those institutions for generations. Canadians are stupid, we need to import a new overlord class to make the whole country like Vancouver.