The Democratic Party and Human Rights: The History Defies the Claims

The Democrats have liked to promote themselves over the years as the party that has been at the vanguard of promoting such causes as civil rights and human rights generally. An impression has been cultivated that we owe advances in human rights to liberalism, which at least since the New Deal has been identified in the U.S. with the Democratic party. In this year’s platform, the Democrats are presenting themselves as opening the way to yet another new frontier in the civil and human rights struggle, as it endorses what it calls “marriage equality.” That is, it wants same-sex “marriage” to be the law of the land.

This, of course, is in line with the tendency of the Democratic party for the last generation—as it came to be dominated by an increasingly secular liberalism—to be at the vanguard of promoting such ersatz rights as abortion, sodomy, and sexual libertinism.

  • mauser 98
    • Ha!

    • Slickfoot

      NORKS are funny… Who knew?

      • mauser 98

        who ever writes this has talent

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Northern Democrats did push for civil rights at the end of World War II, which resulted in the Dixiecrat schism of 1948, until toward the end of the 1960s, when it went off the rails during the Vietnam era. I was an ardent young northern Democrat at that time until I returned from Vietnam and began crossing party lines until I became a DINO.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Democrats, Liberals, socialists, communists, Fabians, Bloomsbury-ists, have always tended toward eugenics, extermination, utopian and millenarian inspired genocide in the name of what they purport to tell you is the greater good. They may believe or they may simply like a good enough reason to kill people. I don’t know.

    From Margaret Sanger to Pol Pot it’s all just variations on the same theme. Today in Belgium there’s really only a 13 year period in a person’s life where the state or your guardian can’t put you to death for pretty much any reason you or them can imagine. And that span – from birth to age 13 is rapidly crumbling as well. As soon as they start letting children demand their own sex reassignment surgery you will see children and their guardians demand they be killed if THAT doesn’t work out.

    First we exterminate the people that we hide, the deformed, the feeble, the helpless. Then we exterminate the people most of us don’t like. Then we exterminate the people our leaders don’t like. Then we exterminate everyone who complains about that. Then we randomly mass murder whomever, to keep the rest in line.

  • Gary

    The democrats and their Liberal followers has supported JFK’s War in Vietnam as well as LBJ escalating that US forces . But once Nixon got in power were hear 90%+ Liberals on the Bill Maher show try to claim they were against it .

    In Canada , Liberals and the CBC only cared about the Khadr family and little Omar Khard the terrorist , whom was in GITMO, once Harper became PM in 2006.

    The Dem’s were the Party of the KKK and Slavery , plus George Wallace was a Democrat that that oppose the Busing of Blacks to white schools.
    Justin and his Liberals act like they support women’s Rights and the LGBTQ2 community. But Justin in bring in another 175,000 misogynistic and homophobic pro-sharia muslim refugees while he had also courted the Pakistani Community for their votes by endorsing their Right to kill female babies via Abortion once the Ultra-sound would ID the sex.
    Justin attacked Harper for his deficits and said ti would Harm the economy and burden the future children with massive debts. Wow, that policy died fast last year and now Justin’s Max $10 billion deficit his promised is closer to $30 billion while he plans to go deeper in to debt by $160 billion by 2019 , which really means $200 billion.

    Liberalism is a mental Disorder .