Report: Missing US student was abducted by North Korea & served as Kim Jong-un’s English tutor

A former US university student who disappeared in China in 2004 and was presumed dead was kidnapped and taken to North Korea, where he served as Kim Jong-un’s English tutor, according to a report in Japanese media.

David Sneddon, who was 24 years old when he vanished, may be living in Pyongyang with a wife and two children, the Abductees’ Family Union in South Korea has said.

  • The Butterfly

    If I was president of the United States this would seriously be enough justification for me to invade.

    • andycanuck

      Unfortunately, they can do alot of damage to the South before they’d be stopped.

    • V10_Rob

      Understandably. It’s a festering pimple on the face of the planet that should have been dealt with long ago

      The wrinkle is that China always gets bent out of shape when people take exception to the Norks. So you got to ask yourself how far do you want this to potentially spin out of control?

      Were I your Sec of State, I’d suggest we pull China aside for a quiet word…

      “Look, this shit is unacceptable. We want him, his family, and any others like him out, alive and well, and we want to make it painfully clear to never do this again. It’s going to happen, but we’d prefer to make it as short and simple as possible. We’ve got no interest in occupying the place, or nation-building, or trying to drag them into the modern world. It can remain your vassal state/client regime.

      “Nor do we see any benefit to embarrassing you on your doorstep. So we’re offering you a coalition partnership to eliminate a flagrant menace to international law. You get to spin this as China taking a leading roll in global affairs. You also get to rebuild their government to your liking; if you’ve got a short-list of puppets you want in, or uncooperative North Korean officials you want out, here’s your chance. They can’t be much worse than the current regime.

      “We’re not even particularly interested in making this a public spectacle. A couple of special forces teams, yours and ours, go in and get the job done. We extract the people, you clean house as you see fit. That a raid occurred will be no secret, but the details of what happened can remain as murky as we both choose.

      “But if this guy disappears, swept under the rug to remove the casus belli, all bets are off.”

      • Slickfoot

        Good plan… John Effin Kerry is all over it.

      • xavier

        Read the posts on China seem to indicate that the Chinese have had enough and are letting more defectors leave.

        By the way there are 40 000 North Korean secret police in China. So to kidnap this guy meant that the Chinese either looked the other way or authorized. So the nomenklatura has to answer for its role

        • V10_Rob

          A prosperous and profitable province? A buffer state? A shithole worse than anything in China to dissuade their own citizens from defecting across the border? Whatever China wants out of North Korea’s existence, an unpredictable country run by mad men with delusions of godhood seems a dodgy means to that end. I think the prospect of having carte blanche to restructure that pit and the prestige of world governments endorsing and applauding them flexing their military muscle could seriously interest China.

          As for their complicity in North Korea’s kidnappings, I don’t see how justice could effectively be served. I doubt the top leadership had a hand in it or knowledge of it until it was all over, and nothing short of total war is going to make them personally answerable. As for the lower officials that were a part of it, good luck investigating who was involved. And anybody that China was somehow convinced to give up would probably be a sacrificial doop.

          • xavier

            The Chinese absolutely don’the want the Korean to u ite. The South Koreans are even more leery. But in the end the Korean will unite

  • Slickfoot

    Just read ‘North Korea Undercover’ apparently these abductions happen all the time… Along with an amazing amount of other weird shit.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Note to self: Never learn Korean.

      • Dave

        Especially if the thought of eating dog meat from animals skinned and boiled alive disgusts you.

        • To be fair, not may Koreans do that.

          But some do.

          One cannot eat man’s best friend.

        • andycanuck

          Then just have a grass soup and a grass salad!

      • Slickfoot

        Curiously that was not a criteria, they abduct people who have some talent they can exploit, they also stole women for the usual reasons.

      • No, learn Korean.

        For example, “boksu”. It has two meanings. One meaning is plural. The other is revenge.

        You can get revenge twice.

    • ntt1

      Why doesn’t kim jong pork pie kidnap a competent hair stylist?

      • B__2

        All the competent ones (and their families) met with unfortunate accidents with anti-aircraft guns after telling Dear Leader that he would stupid with the haircut that he thought would look good.

  • If true, this sort of thing is not unheard of.

    Japanese citizens have been kidnapped so that they could teach North Korean spies how to blend in.