More than half of Britons want to ban the burka, despite what our preachy liberal elite would have you think

Britain’s liberal elite has worked itself into a frenzy after French policemen sought to enforce the law on a beach in Nice. The moment, caught on camera, was a consequence of France’s burkini ban, which they decided was not on.

But did they stop to ask what the general public thinks? Clearly not, as it turns out Britons tend not to share their outrage about the idea of curbing the wearing of Muslim clothing, be it a burkini swimsuit or the burka full body-covering. A YouGov survey found that a majority of voters (57 per cent) supported banning the burka in public places, while 25 per cent were against outlawing it.

They’re similarly cautious about the burkini. 46 per cent of Britons supported banning people from wearing the Islamic swimsuit in public, markedly more than the 30 per cent who would oppose it.