“Liberal” Turkey Claims Europe Is Racist

It’s not a bad joke; it’s a very bad joke. Turkey, where all variants of ethnic and religious xenophobia are a national pastime, is accusing the West of being racist.

Speaking after a spat with Austria and Sweden over news reports and tweets from those countries that accused Turkey of allowing sex with children under the age of 15, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu claimed that the behavior of European countries reflected the “racism, anti-Islamic and anti-Turkish (trend) in Europe.”

He is talking about the same Europe where the inhabitants of one of its biggest cities, London, recently elected a Muslim as its mayor. In Turkey, not even the smallest village of a few hundred inhabitants has a non-Muslim mayor.

  • Alain

    So Turks are now a race. Oh well since there is also the claim that Islam is a race, I guess I should not be surprised. This isn’t racism at play at all; it is about tolerance vs intolerance, so I challenge Muslim Turkey to show as much tolerance for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and all other belief systems along with atheists as Europe does for Muslims. Islam has to be the most intolerant cults or belief systems in existence and yet Muslims have the cheek to accuse others of intolerance.

    • No Muslim nation practices tolerance. Tolerance only ever has value to Muslims while they are a small minority. As numbers increase in a given non-Muslim society the violence and aggression central to their cult beliefs is ratcheted ever upward.