Is this the world’s wimpiest terrorist?

Convicted terrorist mastermind Hamdi Alqudsi insists he is a suburban dad who loves Australia, sings Waltzing Matilda to his kids and doesn’t deserve to be held “in a cage” in prison for his crimes.

The 42-year-old disability pensioner, who has two wives living in different southwestern Sydney suburbs, faces a heavy jail term of decades when he is sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

Found guilty of recruiting seven young Australian men to fight for Islamic State and aiding six of them to enter Syria, where two died in jihadi combat, Alqudsi has now wept in court about his predicament.

  • Tanya

    Anything this pathetic piece of Islmotrash says is BS. He and his brethren’s use and abuse of the disability pension should be a crime and punished as such. They are ripping the Australian tax payer off and nobody does anything because they fear being labeled a racist or bigot. All they need is a cheque book Islamtrash doctor and they are set for life. These “Disabled” dole bludgers should be sent off for an independent assessment and when found to be fit and well be order to pay back every cent to the government, slapped with a goal sentence an then kicked out of the country with their brood of wives and kids. This piece of cesspit dwelling Islamocrap should be stood up against a wall and shot, he is guilty of treason.

    • xavier

      Tanya please tell us what you really 🙂

      Seriously, poor poor bully he finally got pummeled by a bigger guy. Now the bully suddenly feels remorse. Yeah let him cry a river in solitary. Also he committed bigamy I want the Aussies to enforce that and tack on extra time and fines for this. Polygamy and bigamy are against the law.

      • Tanya

        Unfortunately here in OZ our judiciary is infected with liberal airheads that would prefer terrorists, murderers and rapists of the Islamofaith to be pitied and revered and then let loose on society but lockup and thrown away the key on Australians that speak out against this type of crap. It is an odds on bet that this piece of crap will be out on bail within the month and then have his sentence commuted to “Community Service” with him and his brood still raking in government benefits.

        • xavier

          Yeah it’seems similar to what’she happened in Canada. The exception was the Shafa murders where the scum,son and concubine ( a cousin no less) murdered the legitimate wife and daughters. They were too ‘independent’ thankfully between their stupidity and an alert hotel clerk they were nailed.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Too bad this piece of excrement isn’t looking at a firing squad. He’d really be filling his pants then.

  • Frances

    If he’s too disabled to work – and thus has to be on benefits – he’s too disabled to look after his two wives in any manner which would lead to more offsprings claiming benefits.

  • dukestreet

    They only prove how very cowardly they are. Conning others to do their dirty work and then crying fake tears that even the judge recognizes are crocodile, when they are caught & forced to pay for their crimes. Truly following in their profit’s footsteps.