French Islamophobic Restaurant Incident Likely A Set Up By Muslims

From FDS – According to Le Parisien , the investigators would consider the hypothesis of a setup, a “testing” by the two veiled Muslim.

From Le Parisien…

“We must clarify several points. Including why these two women, who are from Trappes (Yvelines) and Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) went Tremblay lunch in a restaurant that is not listed in the guides, says a source close to the matter.

As a “hypothesis of investigation” suggests that both victims of aggression were being “test” restaurant as part of a mission related to the fight against discrimination. And restaurateur would have possibly had a history, and been “arrowed” by anti-racist organizations. “All this is to be confirmed, they are only lines of work,” insisted several sources familiar with the matter. It is in this context that both women will be “again heard” by investigators.

  • Keep it up… soon we will pay no attention at all to your whinging.

    • Any “Islamophobic” hate crime merits suspicion, there have been so many fake ones.

      • caliroxanne

        It worked well for clock boy.

  • Dana Garcia

    How do burqas eat in public without offending allah?

    Wouldn’t mouth slits be haraam?

    • ntt1

      They drape the large face veil out over the plate then just trough out, no need for pretentious manners the right hand is used to shovel in food ,the left of course is used for wiping the ass and other excretory areas

    • John

      Funny they’d head straight to a restaurant they knew wasn’t halal. How do you order breakfast in a French restaurant without encountering pork products like sausages or bacon or ham?

      Perhaps had the guy not complained at all, they’d have then charged back to bitch about being served pork.

      All I know is that they definately weren’t there to eat.

      • infedel

        Time to demand from them to show their intolerance and supremacist sharia push.

    • Miss Trixie
      • Dana Garcia

        It’s the dread noodle-in-the-eye accident — hey, be careful!

  • We have been told so many times “Don’t become your enemy” – meaning not in beliefs, but behavior. But what if the only way to win is to fight fire with fire? What if ‘becoming our enemy’ is not wrong, but desirable? We must throw off these superstitions and do whatever is necessary to ensure civilization survives.

    • infedel

      True…fight fire with fire…our ancestors knew this ;and that is why we are here and created a great civilization.

  • John

    I’d read at Riposte Laic that the restaurant owner had relatives killed in Nice on July 14th.

    If that’s true, then I can understand why he snapped.