Canada’s Terrorist Exports

Windsor, Ontario, is best known for automobiles but the border city south of Detroit, Michigan, keeps popping up in connection with Islamic terrorism. Locals and national officials alike are now puzzled how promising Windsor student Tamim Chowdhury became a leading exporter of terrorism.

According to police in Bangladesh, Tamim Chowdhury masterminded a July 1 terrorist attack on a popular Dhaka restaurant that killed 24 people. Survivors told reporters the attackers took hostages, “separating out those who identified as Muslim from the rest and executing a number of patrons for being foreign non-Muslims.”

  • WalterBannon

    our multicultism is enriching the world

    • Yea we’re just sharin the love!

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        You spelled that wrong.
        It should be sharia-in the love.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Here’s a hint: monitor the mosque he and his family attended.

  • Maurice Miner

    Diversity is our strength, doncha know?