Brawl breaks out on French nudist beach ‘after clothed teens turn up and stare at sunbathers’


The bizarre incident took place on Friday at La Teste-de-Buch, in Arcachon, when the group of about ten youths entered the nude zone and strolled among the naked beach-goers.

Angry words were exchanged between the men and the sunbathers, which soon escalated into a physical fight, according to local media reports.

  • k2

    Hmm, no details given about the harassers other than that they were “youths”: I wonder what that could mean.

    • Another media sin of omission.

    • Raymond Cameron

      French “youths”= German “southerners”= British “asians”…

      • Justin St.Denis

        In Canada “Edmonton Man” “London Man” “Toronto Man” “Saskatoon Man” “Vancouver Man” have all become handy ways to sidestep the whole “it’s another fucking muslim ” syndrome.

    • Alain

      I can interpret that for you. “Youths” is code for Muslim males aged any where from 21 to 40.

      • Editor

        You mean kind of like the 30 year old “unaccompanied minors” in Sweden?

  • Let’s play the name guessing game!

    You go first. Crap – game over, you win.

    • caliroxanne

      Can anyone think of another group that has so many euphemisms associated with it? Watching the media’s creativity in hiding and protecting the filthy Muslims makes for the absolute best comedy around!

      • infedel


  • Reader
  • simus1

    French nudists should invest in Little League Baseball Bats from Amazon and/or dogs that enjoy chewing on a muslim when they get the chance..

  • Jay Harper

    I wonder who the Yoots were? I love the guessing games the ‘Media’ keep playing. They’re not Media, they’re government censors.

  • infedel

    A British passport holder…. is not British msm.