Two Canadian children face execution by the Taliban. Will Justin Negotiate With Terrorists Now?

Canadian citizen Joshua Boyle and his American born wife Caitlan Coleman are currently held hostage by the Taliban.

While captive Ms. Coleman has borne two children to Mr. Boyle.

Under law that means these children are Canadian Citizens.

The Taliban are threatening to murder Boyle, Coleman and their two children unless Canada and or the US  are able to intercede with the Afghanistan government and prevent them from executing convicted Taliban prisoners.  It’s not as straight forward as a cash demand but it is a ransom demand none the less.

Justin Trudeau has a firm “No ransom negotiations policy” with terrorists.

Two Canadians have been executed by Muslim terrorists this year in the Philippines as a result of Trudeau’s “no negotiation” policy.

Will that policy be adhered to now that 2 children face death at the hands of the Taliban?

Here’s the hostage video. More on the story here.