Two Canadian children face execution by the Taliban. Will Justin Negotiate With Terrorists Now?

Canadian citizen Joshua Boyle and his American born wife Caitlan Coleman are currently held hostage by the Taliban.

While captive Ms. Coleman has borne two children to Mr. Boyle.

Under law that means these children are Canadian Citizens.

The Taliban are threatening to murder Boyle, Coleman and their two children unless Canada and or the US  are able to intercede with the Afghanistan government and prevent them from executing convicted Taliban prisoners.  It’s not as straight forward as a cash demand but it is a ransom demand none the less.

Justin Trudeau has a firm “No ransom negotiations policy” with terrorists.

Two Canadians have been executed by Muslim terrorists this year in the Philippines as a result of Trudeau’s “no negotiation” policy.

Will that policy be adhered to now that 2 children face death at the hands of the Taliban?

Here’s the hostage video. More on the story here.

  • ntt1

    they deliberately put themselves and their (at that time) unborn children in harms way.
    the guy used to be close to the disgusting Kadr clan and married a sister of the terrorist.
    they decided to go hiking in a war zone thinking their progressive politics would be admired and afford safety from extremists.
    they were wrong.
    Canada should not be dragged into negotiations , let some rabid progressive try to deal with reality of islam by trying to free them .

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Interesting story if I know where the fire and the storms are why should I go over there ?

  • John

    I don’t believe these assholes. One condition for their release is that the Afgan gov’t stop executing captured Taliban fighters. It’s an attempt to use western altruism/sympathy to make the Afgan gov’t heel to Taliban demands. They’re sympathizers, but they’ll probably get killed anyhow if their ploy fails to bear fruit.

    • I agree, there is reason to be suspicious.

      • john700

        I am totally against paying a dime for these idiots. Their children will be the new generation of idiots. Fuck them!

  • TJ

    While captive Ms. Coleman has borne two children to Mr. Boyle….

    That makes no sense what so ever. If she was raped which is normal for captive woman then the kids in theory would be American not dual Canadian and American. They as a couple felt they were safe enough as “captives” of the Taliban to have sex, one has to wonder just how much captives they really are. Bo Bergdahl level captive not James Foley level. They are as safe as any slaves family is to the Taliban.

    • Evidently they are kept under relatively good conditions, being allowed to walk about & exercise etc… and if I am not mistaken she was pregnant on arrival in Afghanistan.

      • TJ

        Yeah, she was 7 month pregnant when they went on their walk in the Afgan hills. Which leads to more questions on why there were there.

        • They wanted to “help” as I recall, sorta like freelance do-gooders.

          • ntt1

            Is no bagdahl the godfather of their kids?

          • TJ

            The difference being helpful aka traitor and being a captive slave all depends on how much ransom they can bring.

    • k1962

      Exactly. Who in their right mind wants to have sex when you are terrified…and starving I may add. They were rotund when they entered Afghanistan on their hike. Look at them now.

  • andycanuck

    Re. Justin and the no negotiating, the problem with the Filipino situation was also that Justin and Boob Rae were contradicting each other over what the government was doing.

  • Alain

    The government did not create this situation and has no responsibility whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if the government is Liberal, Conservative or NDP, that does not change it.

  • Grover The Polar Bear

    This whole thing smacks of bullshit.

    Joshua Boyle is the ex-husband of Zaynab Khadr. His ex wife is a great admirer of Osama bin Laden and his deceased father-in-law was bin Laden’s bag man.

    This is probably a scam for the Taliban to try to get some prisoners released.

    I say call their bluff. Worst thing that happens is that a couple of terrorist-sympathizers get bumped off. Not the worst outcome.

    • John

      You’re probably right. I couldn’t give a shit what happens to them.

  • G2

    I feel, because I’m human too, as much for Joshua Boyle and his family as he cares for me and mine. Mr. Boyle, if he is really who he says (for years now) he is, is flat out lying and trying to help his taliban bretheren win their war. I say “good luck”. Sad about the little children but muslims don’t really care about them anyway. He and his wife should care about them more than you and I, and they don’t.