The London We’ve Lost

I’m leaving London tomorrow, perhaps for the last time, and I can’t say I’m sad. This isn’t my city any more.

I first thought my long absence was the source of my malaise. I’ve been feeling this niggling sense of unease, as though either I had changed or London had changed — as though we didn’t really know each other any more. I worked it out in the end. What’s wrong with London is what’s wrong with every major European city now.

It’s Islam.

  • simus1

    Islam plus London’s mega manipulated housing bubble should clean up any loose ends Cameron leaves behind.

  • Spatchcocked

    “Niggling sense of unease”

    When I read that I felt I’d been violated…..worse than that……as though I’d been raped by a dozen Paky sex groomers in Rotherham…..and me a notorious infamous heterosexual..

    What’s next Milo ? A screed sprinkled with the words “niggardly ” or “Nigerian”…..or “noggin”…or egg “nog” ….or complaints about his personal trainer “nagging” him ?

  • DMB
    • BillyHW

      He was right.

  • BillyHW

    Multiculturalism is nothing more than the ethnic cleansing of white people.

  • P_F

    It’s not only London, we are losing every western city to these savages.