How did UTexas sociologist Mark Regnerus get to be so hated?

A study of gay parenting exploded when it hit the media

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

The fact that Regnerus could not be debunked only increased the general hostility and, as with Freeman decades earlier, the roof soon fell in. A UCLA demographer organized about 200 academics to denounce him.

What were the criticisms offered? Some took issue with his terminology, but those complaints didn’t really amount to much. A more fruitful area for attack was the issue around the stability of relationships.

It was hard to find children of same-sex parents who had been together for long. Ironically, that fact—instead of pointing clearly to a problem for children in same-sex households—provided an opportunity to attack Regnerus’s findings. More.

Reality check: Social science is now so driven by political correctness that facts do not matter. That is not a formula for science success: There is concern across the spectrum about its standing as a science at all. That’s the topic of my next piece.

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