BREAKING: London Victoria coach station evacuated in major security alert


Police have cordoned off a section of the street while the package is being investigated.

Stephen Kilby wrote on Twitter: “Something going on outside London Victoria Coach Station. People evacuated from building on Buck Palace Rd. Police Rd Block.”

  • And FRANKFURT Airport was evacuated this morning due to a bomb scare, after a passenger ran off while being scanned for explosives at a security check.

    • The thing is, even if it was a false alarm, or a crazy person, or anything except terrorism… this culture of fear has replaced a relatively secure attitude and it is all due to Islam, as intended. We must always watch our backs, always be on guard, and always be blamed for Islamophobia, unless we submit.

      The only way to counter it is to teach them fear.

  • tom_billesley

    In 1991 I was working in London when an IRA bomb placed in a litter bin at Victoria railway station killed a commuter. Litter bins disappeared across central London, and were not replaced until 20 years later. The crowning achievement of the IRA, filthy streets.