Barbara Kay: How progressives perverted the study of history

Pulitzer-prize winning historian Barbara Tuchman had neither a PhD nor an academic title. ”It’s what saved me,” she said. ”If I had taken a doctoral degree, it would have stifled any writing capacity.”

Tuchman’s illustrious career reminds us that history, although a discipline, does not require professional accreditation to explore.

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  • RAMA44

    Unlike her son Barbara Kay is such a wonderful writer….”Traditional historians explored the past “with the aim of explaining the nation to its citizens.” The SocProg goal is twofold: to “give a voice” to those whom traditional historians “excluded” and to expose the “systemic” attitudes and beliefs that cause, enable and perpetrate the oppression of minorities.”.This alone makes me want to buy the book!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Minorities oppress themselves.
      I read an article earlier today that says there is nor has there ever been a functioning first world African country that wasn’t controlled by Europeans.

    • It’s the Marxist dialectic.

  • xavier

    Well it seems that Tuchmann has Harriman as a family member- not sure in what capacity. And somewhere in her books she mentions that it was Harriman as American ambassador to Turkey recounting the Armenian genocide that sparked her interest in history.

    I have 4 of her books and I found them well written and very interesting. I didn’t agree with her in Distant mirror nor in Stillwell (Chang Kaimshek wasn’t the absolute jerk that Stillwell loathed. And the corruption was mild and amateurish compared to what it’s become since 1970s. However, the Proud Tower and the Guns of August are probably the best books for non historians (qua professionals) on the road to WW I.

    • Waffle

      I enjoyed March of Folly, even though I took a lot of criticism for that.

  • disqusW6sf

    Always welcome B. Kay’s articles and a book recommendation is an added bonus.