WHOA: Rudy’s CONTROVERSIAL Response To Beyoncé

rudy giulianiDespite the criticism she received after her provocative, racially themed Super Bowl halftime performance, Beyoncé didn’t hesitate recreate it at the Video Music Awards over the weekend.

Beyoncé’s act included symbolic depictions of African-Americans being shot by police officers, and she even walked down the red carpet with the mothers of Trayvon Martin and other Black Lives Matter “martyrs.”

  • tom_billesley

    Black Lives Matter …except when other blacks are having fun.
    Black teen stabs disabled black teen “for fun”. Judge calls for explanation of plea deal. Disabled teen had been brought to UK after being shot in the leg in crossfire of Jamaica gang fight when aged 9.

    • Grotesque.

    • What about that fellow who was the support worker for his autistic charge in Florida?

      One would think that Black Lives Matter would showcase this guy.

      Perhaps he wasn’t “street” enough?

  • harriet

    She is in her near one billion dollar bubble….she does;t care what ‘white’ people think. As long as she dyes her hair blond, bleaches her skin, vacations in Nice, Cannes, London and Paris…..ALL WHITE PEOPLE AND CULTURE….

    You won’t find her in Africa…with her people…

    stinking ignorant hypocrite

    • infedel

      Damn straight.

    • John

      Yeah she does try very hard to look as White as possible. Like Angela Davis she’s ‘upper-caste’ Black.

      • Slickfoot

        South of the Mason and Dixon line her light skinned kind were known as ‘High Yellow’ or more commonly High Yeller.

    • That is just it.

      Africans are NOT her people.

      She is an American. She lives in a country where anyone, regardless of skin colour or belief, can be somebody.

      Perhaps she should try her elitist propaganda out in the slums of Somalia or South Africa.

  • Ron MacDonald

    She’s probably being paid by one of Soros’ funded groups to make those comments.

  • mauser 98

    NFL 100% complicit..with White Hut racism…… Beyonce BLM racism at Superbowl

    • canminuteman

      I would boycott the NFL if I hadn’t already done that my entire life due to a total lack of interest.

    • jack burns

      Limbaugh had a good thing today about the NFL’s need to play this carefully. Too easy to turn off the tube or not buy Budwater. I want to agree but am too cynical. Bread and circuses trumps patriotism.

    • John

      Leading ‘her’ people to whiteness!

      She appropriates the whitest thing going… long, blond tresses…and then champions Blacks. She’s the perfect role model for young Black women because she’ can almost look White! And to use a much maligned Middle English term, she takes a truly *niggardly* approach to things.

  • jack burns

    Who her fans are mystifies me but that’s pretty much true for all of them. I see zero talent there. Boring.

  • Giuliani was a leader.

    Beyonce is fat diva who lives in a big mansion.

    I believe this sorts out that argument.

  • pdxnag

    Trayvon the thug was killed while he was bashing his target’s head into the concrete. Beyoncé must approve of such head bashing, by blacks against non-blacks (or folks merely insufficiently “black”).

  • bob e

    the only thing that matters to blm is marijuana , sports and the endless
    production of babies. eff em all.

  • Barrington Minge

    Why does anyone take any notice of “Boyonce”? Isn’t she a dog!!!

    • V10_Rob

      Well, those that do are themselves not worth taking notice of, so it sort of balances out.