Leaked ISIS Documents Show Internal Chaos

What appear to be internal documents from the administration of the so-called Islamic State, obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast, show the terrorist organization under strain from financial misappropriation, embezzlement, alleged infiltration by anti-ISIS spies, and bureaucratic infighting.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I will take comfort from this only when I see results on the ground.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Typical Arab Chinese Fire Drill.

  • Ed

    Can we please see a muslim country where chaos is not the norm?

  • ontario john

    Please remember, in Sunny Ways Canada you are to use the term Daesh. Anything else is islamophobic.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Let’s call them Trudeau’s Turds.

      • tom_billesley


        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Fuckin’ A!

  • tom_billesley

    Another one bites the dust …

    One of the longest-serving and most prominent leaders of so-called Islamic State (IS) has been killed in Syria, IS-affiliated media say.
    In a statement distributed by the group’s supporters, Amaq News Agency reported that Abu Muhammad al-Adnani died in the province of Aleppo.