ISIS second-in-command Abu Muhammad al-Adnani is killed in Syria

A senior ISIS figure who was once earmarked as the terror group’s next leader has been killed in Syria, it has been reported.

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, one of ISIS’ longest-serving officials, was said to have died ‘while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns against Aleppo’.

It is not clear whether he was killed by ground forces or in an air strike.

  • The Butterfly


  • terrence22

    Sob,SOB; oh, well – at least the world is better off now that he is gone

  • WhiteRabbit3

    ISIS militants claim that it doesn’t matter how many senior ISIS leaders are killed. They will just replace them and move on, stronger than before.

    I think it’s a theory worth testing out.

  • Dana Garcia
  • Slickfoot

    I’m inconsolable.

    • bob e

      me too ..

  • Clausewitz

    Some days are just good days.

  • Barrington Minge

    I am inconsolable…..NOT….hahahahahaha!!!!!!