Australian party leader claims Muslims cheat welfare by ‘having four wives’

THE controversial leader of Australia’s One Nation party has claimed some polygamous Muslims cheat the benefits system by using large families to get taxpayer-funded homes.

Pauline Hanson, who won a seat in the Australian senate this year, alleged that some Muslims cheat welfare by exploiting the system with their “multiple wives”.

Pauline Hanson is “controversial” because she tells the truth.

It is going on in Canada, right here in Toronto, where “Diversity is our strength”. In fact polygamy is recognized by law in Ontario.

Muslims claiming cash for numerous wives

Hundreds of GTA Muslim men in polygamous marriages — some with a harem of wives — are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province, Muslim leaders say.

Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims, said wives in polygamous marriages are recognized as spouses under the Ontario Family Law Act, providing they were legally married under Muslim laws abroad.

“Polygamy is a regular part of life for many Muslims,” Ali said yesterday. “Ontario recognizes religious marriages for Muslims and others.”

He estimates “several hundred” GTA husbands in polygamous marriages are receiving benefits. Under Islamic law, a Muslim man is permitted to have up to four spouses.

Muslims collect welfare for multiple wives Toronto