The U.S. meets goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees ahead of schedule – which includes just 47 Christians

The United States said it would welcome its 10,000th Syrian refugee of this fiscal year on Monday, meeting a controversial target more than a month ahead of schedule.

The United States has traditionally been by far the world’s most generous host for refugees but has been criticized by activists for moving too slowly to respond to the Syrian crisis, which has dragged on for more than five years.

President Barack Obama’s opponents, including Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, meanwhile warn that Islamic State extremists could infiltrate the refugee ranks to gain entry to the United States.

The measly amount of Christian refugees, versus Muslims, has worried some on the right, with the conservative-leaning CNSNews reporting that just 47 Christian refugees had been admitted into the United States before the Monday mark, making the total less than one half of one percent.