Star Ethicist recommends surrender to Sharia law…

Faith-based refusal to shake hands with women in office not OK: Ethically Speaking

“…Begin by speaking privately to your colleague. Calmly explain why you experience his behaviour as offensive. Make clear that, while you respect his right to practice his religion, that right does not extend to treating you as a subordinate. In all likelihood, given his generally “respectful” nature, he’ll respond that he had no intention of making you feel inferior, but that his faith simply prohibits casual physical contact with women. You need, then, to make clear that whether or not that was his intention, the effect is that you felt diminished. Then propose a solution. Suggest that, seeing his faith makes it impossible to shake hands with everyone, you will jointly propose, at the next meeting, that the practice of handshaking, or other such physical contact, be eliminated from meetings at your place of work.”