Spanish Jihadist chatter on the rise say experts, with sights set on Spain

Spanish counter-terrorism authorities have issued an alert about “the increase in mentions of our country” in recent propaganda material produced by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), including text documents, videos and graphs.

Jihadists are now writing in Spanish, and even analyzing the political situation in Spain through written reviews of election results.

This is raising Spain’s profile on ISIS’ communication networks. “The progressive increase of texts and releases translated into Spanish is giving our country growing relevance from a propaganda point of view, and increasing the possibility of action by an autonomous terrorist working on our territory,” terrorism experts say.

  • ed

    saint james “the muslim slayer ” still upsets them

  • tom_billesley

    Still hankering after the faux-moderate paradise of al-andalus are they?

  • xavier

    Yeah the scum see the political crises I. E. The unwillingness of the National parties to form a govt and the Catalan independence momentum as a chance to slaughter civilians.

    A reading of Spanish history knows that the Moslem twisted Spain’s western tradition and explains why the Castilians have endemic corruption, conflicted loyalties to rule of law and decentralized political control and warlordism.

    The Moslems have left a long roll of martyrs both named and unnamed.
    700 years to reconquer native land was too long and permanently damaged Spain