Merkel: ‘Unacceptable’ for EU Members to Close Doors to Migrants Because They’re Muslim

It is “unacceptable” for some European Union members to close their doors to refugees just because they are Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday.

“Everybody has to do their bit,” she told ARD television. “What I continue to think is wrong is that some say, ‘We generally don’t want Muslims in our country regardless if there is a humanitarian need or not.’ We’re going to have to keep discussing that.”

Someone needs to have a word with Merkel’s doctor.

  • Ego

    We’re going to have to keep discussing that.

    No, we aren’t. Luckily, there are some places in the EU where upholding the local culture is non-negotiable.
    What Merkel wants is not “discussion” (a debate with two possible outcomes) — what she wants is pester/blackmail the other party until it capitulates. Much like what Muslims do in those “interfaith outreach” programs conducted with stupid kafirs who think there is any other possible outcome apart from accepting Islam.

    What is unacceptable is Merkel and the EU trying to force and blackmail members into accepting the catastrophic consequences of the mad plan dreamed up by them and executed by Merkel.
    May they rot in hell for what they’ve done to a whole continent.

    • There is a special place in Hell for Merkel and her ilk.

      • Slickfoot

        And leading up to that, there is a lamppost with her name on it.

    • G

      Thank you Ego. You are absolutely right. Assholes like Merkel always say they are “discussing” or “having a conversation” when it is nothing of the sort.

      What they really mean is “I’ll tell you what to think and you shut up, stop disagreeing with me and let me make the decisions.”

      They have gotten away with this for a long time.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Eastern European prime ministers will keep flipping her the bird.

  • dukestreet

    The rest of Europe should follow Eastern Europe’s example or there will be no chance of saving them and we should circle the wagons around north America and ignore the rest of the World’s pleas for help. I am waiting for the Muslim Nations to take i the rest. If they don’t want them, nobody does. Everyone should throw their support behind the Eastern European leaders.

  • Gary

    What’s with her to not see that all of the Muslims can go live in islamic nation.
    Justin wants to take in close to 190,000 sunni muslims in the guise of refugees and yet Saudi Arabia is a short trip away from their current situation while the Culture , religion and language is shared to make them assimilated in the shortest duration as a refugee.

    Maybe the Liberal progressive types in power want to lower the Mean IQ in the West from 100 to 80 as to have a quarry of ignorant peons easily controlled
    as Wards Of The State in a Welfare Industrial Complex . This would make it easier to usher in the fascist Government with a touch of Communism and Socialism that islam has gotten society used to from years of Sharia and Halal compliant lives by – Proxy where the Thought-Police became the norm.

    Justin and booze head McCallum LIED about the 25,000 Refugees as being Phd’s, Scientists , Dentists , Doctors , Engineers and Teachers.
    But , when they poured into the small Towns and a few Cities we saw that about 80% were not employable by their lack of commands for English, French and even in their own native language. This LIE was compounded when we saw how a huge number had PTSD and severe Dental issues that will cost $15,000.00+ on top of Mental Health issue to burden the health care system
    in perpetuity while on Disability Support .

  • john700

    “Someone needs to have a word with Merkel’s doctor.” – Or her chef.