Kanada’s Kangaroo Kourt & the Muslim Brotherhood launch guide for teachers on how to combat ‘Islamophobia’

Canada’s Kangaroo Court, the abysmal CHRC, has just launched a new guide for teachers with the help of the NCCM, a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Here’s the Kangaroo Court press release.

“Canada’s human rights watchdog is following, with growing concern, the impact of Islamophobia on the most vulnerable in our communities— our children and youth. “This is not a Muslim issue—this is a Canadian issue,” said Chief Commissioner Landry. “It is the responsibility of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and of every Canadian citizen, to help counter these negative messages, images and stereotypes.”

Negative images and stereotypes huh?

You mean the wanton slaughter carried out by Muslims on a daily basis?

You know, the beheadings, bombings, rapes  etc…

Those negative images and stereotypes?

More here…

Canadian Human Rights Commission’s webinar: “Islam is a religion of peace and justice”

The CHRC lies.

  • Achmed

    All children must be taken to mosques and be taught the glorious truth of Mohammed’s words.

    • That’s their goal. We are dealing with evil people here..

      • John Boy

        Yes, Canadian children need to learn the 3 R’s in school: Islamic Rape, Islamic Robbery and Islamic Reapers of mass murder.

  • Martin B

    Canadian human rights commissioners are an even lower form of life than the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood is lower than dogshit on the sidewalk.

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  • Bataviawillem

    I thought that it was the Canadian children that where intimidated in Halifax.

  • Gary

    I’m not shocked because I had a run-in with the Bank Of Montreal when their lawyers and CEO knew that there were 2 groups in the PRIDE that overtly supported Hamas by their failure to condemn hamas murdering homosexuals in Gaza and yet BMO was a major sponsor and had tied Employment contracts to supporting hamas by-proxy as the BMO-PRIDE Policy dictated .

    It was not a mistake by a sloppy CEO or a BMO Board Room that beats the odds to have every Director as a village Idiot that doesn’t watch the News from gaza or Iran where over 4000 gays have been slaughtered.
    BMO had banners and staff in the PRIDE for every one of the 5 years the Jew-hating homophobes that support sharia in gaza were allowed to march in PRIDE.
    Basically , my HRC complaint that was valid according to the Law and the HRC’s definition of Charter Right Protections seemed to have hit a snag and was dismissed after the Hearing when it declared that I wasn’t being directly affected by homosexuals being murdered outside of Canada to be a violation of Conscience for religious tenets .
    I saw the ruling in its 42 Point review for each matter where examples were given from past ruling. Oddly though, it concluded that it was valid for an Employment issue over the labour Laws.
    But why would the Liberal MOL and Liberal Judges in Ontario want to go near allowing a Law Suit go Public in the Courts where it exposes the HRC and Corporations for being so islamophilic that they condone muslims slaughtering gays outside of Canada.
    Liberals have marched in PRIDE while several sponsors of PRIDE during those 5 years of Jew-hating hamas supporter included Air Canada, OLG , Toronto City Hall , Canada’s Government , Ontario Trillium Fund , Ontario Government , and the Ontario Arts Council plus the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund .
    When society finally sees this support for HAMAS – while they kill gays in Gaza- as a crime to be complicit in hindsight 20 years from now ……watch for the Liberals and Banks ( TD BMO) to use the Hillary excuse that they never Knowingly supported a PRIDE parade when hamas supporters marched in it while none of the staff around them made them aware of gays being murdered by muslims in GAZA with the approval of hamas and sanctioned in the quran.
    They were careless but had no intent to condone the murdering of gays by their silence or the Emails linking them to other hamas supporters .

    Yes folks, Barbara Hall has a parkette named after her in the gay Village in Toronto .

  • Allan

    More dhimmitude from Canadians that should know better.