Kanada’s Kangaroo Kourt & the Muslim Brotherhood launch guide for teachers on how to combat ‘Islamophobia’

Canada’s Kangaroo Court, the abysmal CHRC, has just launched a new guide for teachers with the help of the NCCM, a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Here’s the Kangaroo Court press release.

“Canada’s human rights watchdog is following, with growing concern, the impact of Islamophobia on the most vulnerable in our communities— our children and youth. “This is not a Muslim issue—this is a Canadian issue,” said Chief Commissioner Landry. “It is the responsibility of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and of every Canadian citizen, to help counter these negative messages, images and stereotypes.”

Negative images and stereotypes huh?

You mean the wanton slaughter carried out by Muslims on a daily basis?

You know, the beheadings, bombings, rapes  etc…

Those negative images and stereotypes?

More here…

Canadian Human Rights Commission’s webinar: “Islam is a religion of peace and justice”

The CHRC lies.