Go ahead, ban me, but I’ll never say a man is a woman!

Austin Powers

That’s A Man Baby!

A rebellion against transgenderism has broken out on the hugely popular British parenting website Mumsnet after some users were banned for “misgendering” and “transphobia” in referring to certain persons, it seems.

  • Gary

    In my area of Toronto there are male and female “couples” that take their adopted child and sperm-donor Child to the park as they act like a family.

    They are NOT a family even if the dolt Barbara Hall says they are, a watermelon is not a carrot and nor does having Ms.Hall at the head of the HRC means she is smart and enlightened.
    Ontario and the Liberals are all about Connection to get jobs no matter how stupid you are as we saw for George Smithermen that cost taxpayers close to $3 billion for his scandals in every Position he held as an MPP .

    When a couple gets divorced we see how the Courts favour the Women and rarely give Custody to the father because he is single and an unfit parent and care-giver.
    But Barbara Hall will allow 2 men get adopt a child and raise it while an actually father for the adopted child couldn’t get custody to raise it if the Mother was still alive.
    Women have the highest rate for Infanticide and killing Children ( child is now 5-18 ) while the vast majority of these women are related to the victims they kill. So please tell me again Ms.Hall how it’s a good idea to allow 2 Women to marry and adopt a child as the Mothers when this just doubled the chances for the child to be killed and even worse if one is the biological mother to do the killing.

    Seems that the progressive that now want Science based changes to Policy in Government have suddenly ignored the Science of Psychological profiling for adults that would kill a child and those that would kill their own child.

    Maybe divorced dad’s should find a room mate or brother to move in with them and ACT like a family as “partenrs” to file for custody since Smithermen managed to adopt 2 children when 1 was Black…but in his case with 2 dads that children are fine but furious George drove his hubby top drugs and suicide.

  • BillyHW

    Put 10 men in a room together and later that afternoon they are golfing on the moon.

    Put 10 women in a room together and later that afternoon they are trying to ban each other for not calling a dude with a penis a she.