Whiny Muslim Decries RCMP Misogyny Ignores Islam’s Brutal Treatment Of Women

Acid attacks on Muslim women - Not as bad as RCMP sexism

Acid attacks on Muslim women.  Not worth writing about compared to the horror of RCMP sexism.

If you’re wearing a hijab, be wary of RCMP recruitment drive

“…The RCMP has a long history of discrimination against women (including verbal, sexual and physical abuse) and has barely recovered. More than 400 women are involved in a lawsuit against the RCMP for allegedly ignoring rampant sexual harassment. The misogynistic culture of the organization was so blatant that Human Rights Watch did an independent investigation into alleged sexualized violence and harassment of indigenous women in northern British Columbia by RCMP officers. The harrowing accounts from former officers include details of enduring post-traumatic stress disorder and battling mental health issues.”

Go live in a ‘Stan.

Comments are worth a look, they are encouraging.

h/t JEH