The only way to make a ‘safe space’ for conservatives at universities

“…I know of only one solution to leftist takeovers, and that is to start again. The decent parliamentarians in the Labour party should take note of this. When we set up the underground university in Prague, we composed a curriculum entirely of classics on a budget of £50,000 a year. We the teachers, and they the students, were volunteers; our shared concern was knowledge, not ideology; conversation, not conscription. Once the state takes over, however, and its vast resources are made available to people otherwise incapable of earning a penny, the fakes and the frauds muscle in.”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Gain control of the accreditation.

  • ontario john

    There are a few Christian universities in North America that are still sane. I sent my kids when I was in the army to Bob Jones University in the States, and Trinity Western out in BC has a good reputation, regardless of what the homosexuals say.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I read somewhere that BLM has caused Mizzou’s enrollment to drop by 2,200.

    • xavier

      No not BLM. It was the appalling antics of the students snivelling about safe spaces, a football team that went on strike and Melissa Click ex prof who was videotaped asking for muscle to toss out a student reporter from the safe space venue

      Parents say this and voted with their wallets. Missouri will probably fold soon. Many universities and colleges are really marginal and would disappear if not for the student loans and various subsidies they get from govt

      • Hard Little Machine

        BLM was the vehicle for that