Oh No! Can It Be? Not Another Racist Message Left For Server On A Restaurant Receipt Hoax!

The media has raced to declare a waitress the victim of a vile, unprovoked racist attack because she produced a receipt with the message “We only tip citizens.” In its haste to make the waitress a martyr for all things social justice, members of the media may have overstepped and libeled innocent people.

  • One would think after a string of well-publicised hoaxes that this was yet another one.

    Some people want to be deceived.

  • LauraS

    I think a hefty lawsuit against the waitress is in order. Hoaxers getting hit in the pocketbook is the only way to stop lazy, entitled crooks from pulling a similar stunt. A law firm offering to sue the butt off any hoaxers would put paid to this type of thing. (“Have you been the victim of a restaurant receipt hoax? Call 1-800-Ambulance-Chasers for restitution.”)

  • simus1

    I would start with separate simultaneous police interviews for “the dog that barked” and his granddaughter.