Muslim Diversity Terrorist Awso Peshdary maintains innocence despite terror trio’s guilty pleas

Awso Peshdary Muslim Diversity Terrorist

Awso Peshdary, Muslim Diversity Terrorist

Guilty pleas from three alleged co-conspirators will not change the defence strategy for Awso Peshdary, according to the lawyer representing the accused ringleader of Ottawa’s homegrown terror network.

“Since the day he was charged, Awso Peshdary has steadfastly maintained his innocence,” said Solomon Friedman, saying Friday’s surprise admission of guilt by Ashton Larmond, Carlos Larmond and Suliman Mohamed “does not change his position in any way.”

Peshdary, 26, whose latest arrest came on Feb. 2, 2015, has now been connected to three major anti-terror operations in the capital since 2010.

Boy, Islam sure is enriching Canada.