Denying Female Domestic Violence

It is time to abandon the sexist (and racially biased) paradigm that has hijacked the domestic violence debate, and to correct all the injustices caused by the politicisation of a tragic reality that affects countless adults and children, male and female alike

  • BillyHW

    Women are violent savages that must be brought to heel.

    • Mercedesmnorfleet

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    • FivePointSpurgeon

      I wonder if there’s ever been a book written about such things…

      • Exile1981


    • Clausewitz

      Buddy of mine was stabbed three different times by his “lovely” little wife before he grew a pair and moved out. In the end he had to file for a restraining order to keep her away. The police of course never pressed charges even after repeated violations of the restraining order.

      • BillyHW

        They probably drove her to the polling stations too during elections.

  • tom_billesley

    We must not forget trans domestic violence.
    It is time to abandon the cis-genderist paradigm

    • Will Quest

      ♪ DING! ♪♪ DING! ♪♪ DING! ♪♪ DING! ♪
      – Attack Of The Killer Dykes!

      – Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships | Pandora’s Project

      There is trouble in lesbian paradise……..

  • bob

    I never realised how violent lesbians are with their partners until recently. It shows that women have some very dark depths, which the Victorians who campaigned for their equality like JS Mill never dreamed of. “The gentle sex”? Not always. Mean Girls indeed.

    • Maurice Miner

      bob, it all depends upon who is the “momma” and who is the “poppa” – this is the key to lesbian violence, as 98% of sociologists have stated, those in a lesbian relationship who “act out” male traits (like violent slapping around, stalking, talking in vocal fry, you know, all those disgusting male attributes) are far more prone to be the aggressor in personal relationships.

      Women generally are such gentle and caring creatures, but when they have a hormonal moment – it can be frightening.

      • Vocal fry is a male trait? Huh.

        A retired shrink a know told me that over the course of decades (U.K., Ireland, Canada) he had learned that women are at least as likely to violently abuse children as men are. And this guy is probably pretty left wing and all that, although not loopy.

        • Maurice Miner

          Mamba, sorry, when I slipped in “vocal fry” I was thinking of a female trait as opposed to a non-female trait.

          But, by the same token, it is an issue that 98% of sociologists have recognised in women who have physically taken control of their emotional environment – and that environment includes interacting with men-folk on an equal professional level, and deploying every tool they can in order to equalise the often violent and innately sexist reaction to powerful women in a predominantly patriarchal society.

          Mea culpa and many apologies.

          • I don’t know what you’re apologizing for.

            “…it is an issue that 98% of sociologists have recognised in women who have physically taken control of their emotional environment…” I don’t really follow, sorry. I know what “vocal fry” is.

          • Maurice Miner

            Mamba, I apologise for not using the /s tag!

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    But how would the loser feminist class seek to bully beta men they no longer find attractive??? However would we manage to turn on an NFL game without seeing Cris Carter’s sniffle??

  • Ron MacDonald

    I once knew a guy whose wife grabbed a pot of boiling water off the stove and threw it at him scalding his upper arm and chest. He kept his mouth shut for years because he was embarrassed. He eventually divorced her. Had the situation been reversed he would have been thrown in jail. I’ve also known a couple of guys who killed themselves because their wives made their lives unbearable.

    • Exile1981

      New a women whoused to throw pots at her husband if she didn’t like what he made her for supper. Thankfully he divorced her finnaly.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Anyone takes a swing at you be they man or woman be it a hetero relationship or a gay one, you have two choices. Hit back or walk out forever.

    What’s darkly funny to me is that the feminists ignore the (some would say huge) problem of violence in lesbian relationships and also gay male relationships. But most lesbian ones where it’s an open secret that after ‘lesbian bed death’ the second most prevalent problem in their relationships is physical violence.

  • John

    There’s a lot of dyke-on-dyke violence that is never talked about. There was a case in Montréal about 25 years ago where two dyke partners had a go at each other. They didn’t rip each others hair out, they practically ripped each others scalps off. Insane.

    • UCSPanther

      I remember reading of a case where two violent bull-dykes had “tied the knot” in prison, and turned out to be a handful with their frequent “marital squabbles”.

      Whenever the two broads would get into a fight with each other, one would smash furniture and fixtures, while the other would take her frustrations out on guards and staff by assaulting them. They got so bad that the prison staff were demanding that the Warden either separate them, or they would put in for transfers to other facilities.