An appeal for 2 minutes of your time…

“I’ve been writing a book for a while. I have been to countless publishers. Those who replied told me how good it was, but…

Not one will print it. I know why. I’ll explain.

Beyond Terror is simply a no-holds-barred account of the enormous damage that Islam and Muslim immigration has done, and will continue to do, to Western society. I have given countless examples of how and why this is a simple statement of fact. I will show how Islam is bringing horrors to the West that are unprecedented in modern history. It has injected our civilization with poison – this poison is particularly potent for girls and women and anyone who demands the right to freely express an opinion. Islam is dragging the free West in to a nightmare and I will prove it.”

  • Done. It sounds interesting – I will order a copy if it’s published.

    As of 5:12, it needs 272 more votes to reach the goal of 2000 for a publication offer.

  • Brett_McS

    Done. 268 now required.

  • occupant 9

    Countdown to 2,000: 271 votes remaining

    I hope this gets published but that’s a hope. The mass betrayal by our western leaders is beyond accidental or happenstance. The goal really is to make certain the nations our ancestors built would be undone permanently. Our daughters’ safety has been sacrificed.

    These are the stakes and we’re called the worst names for recognizing it. But I guess when our leaders are willing to collaborate in mass murder and mayhem by creating the invasion of Mohammedans, for them to tell a lie or slander us is to be expected.

    Maybe five years from now … give or take an accelerating event, we’ll cease to recognize Remembrance Day for how it aggrieves our new “Canadian” Mohammedans once they realize we commemorate the sacrifice of our best young men who defeated the last Caliphate.

  • OT: the invitations around 10,000 just came out – I’m in.

    If that made no sense, it’s a fledgling Twitter alternative created specifically to combat the stifling of Conservative free speech. Or Alt-Right, however you identify. 😉

    • Brett_McS

      I’ll have to keep an eye out for mine! We should exchange Gab Handles (?) through BCF when it all comes through.

    • Blacksmith

      Still waiting.

    • Signed up for the wait list.

  • terrence22

    255 votes to go as of 4:45 pm, PDT

  • Hktony

    So when liberals or muzzies take over books will be banned. So these publishers are committing suicide

  • Tokenn

    Voted…250 votes still needed, I think? I definitely want to read this book…

    • Clink9

      238 left

  • bob e

    done .. my absolute honor. these people in europa are putting their
    lives on the line.

  • Mal

    I voted; but did have a bit of a laugh at the banner…