Liberals Are Freaking Out Because Zoos Treat Animals As Male And Female


Let’s say you’re going to your local zoo where, say, a lioness recently gave birth to a litter of lion cubs. Let’s say you take your kids to see the lion cubs and you refer to the lioness as “the mommy lion” and the male lion who sired the cubs as “the daddy lion” when you’re looking at the lion exhibit with your children. These psychologists are saying that you are perpetuating dangerous gender stereotypes because kids shouldn’t think that the purpose of male and female animals is ONLY to be in family settings. Did you ask the lioness if she’s a mother? Or even that she identifies as female? Maybe she wanted to be the lead singer in a feminist skoliosexual punk rock band and the EEEEEEEEEVIL patriarchal male lion forced himself on her and the zookeepers wouldn’t let her have an abortion (because what monster would abort these adorable lion cubs?) and now she’s stuck with these babies while the public comes around and continues the vicious cycle of nature creating two sexes so these animal species could continue!

  • Animals don’t make those distinctions.

    It’s high time to make people who have useless degrees in Sixteenth Century Peruvian Gender Constructs pick sorghum.

  • Alain

    Fortunately for the animal kingdom (I exclude humans for this) neither have “psychologists” nor do “psychologists” have any effect on them. In fact in nature animals have no difficulty telling one sex from the other; in other words no such thing as “gender” in the animal kingdom. Only humans dumb enough to listen to such nonsense and take it seriously are affected. Time to call it the bunk it is and to ridicule it at every opportunity.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That last sentence is exactly what I do. I was surprised by how many of my acquaintances have bought into this bullshit. Friends of record, on the other hand….

      • Alain

        It just confirms how successful the on-going propaganda and indoctrination have been, along with the sad fact that the majority of people still get their “news” from a MSM source and for whatever reason are not critical thinkers.

  • Surele Surele

    just lock these phony scientists with Momma Lion; she will find the right words.

  • Waffle

    Seems as if Noah’s ark has reached the end of the road. Say hello to robo-lion.

  • Slickfoot

    I suggest that these ‘do-gooders’ go right into the lioness’s den and abort her cubs for her in a selfless gesture of feminist solidarity.