Judge allows trannys in gender-matched toilets


US District Judge Thomas Schroeder said they have a strong chance of proving the state’s bathroom-access measure violates federal law, a judicial rebuke that transgender rights advocates hailed as a victory.

The judge temporarily blocked the University of North Carolina from making the three plaintiffs follow the restroom provision of the so-called HB2 law as the larger case makes its way to trial in November.

  • WTF is that???

    • ontario john

      Wynne’s new education minister.

  • ontario john

    It seems the Toronto media is obsessed with who takes a piss in Toronto. The media elites have been excited all week about the gender neutral toilets at the CNE. The Saturday Star even had a major story on it today. Maybe users can find some of the thousands of free Toronto brand condoms in them, that the City of Toronto is giving out.

  • John

    Is Dee Snider on a bender?

  • Alain

    You know your country is in big trouble and going down the drain when your federal government gets involved in public toilets. Trudeau Sr. quipped that the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation, but junior, and his American counterpart, think the government’s business is in the public toilets of the nation.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As you can probably tell, when hit with a stomach turning freak, I reach for my first aid kit. Here is Israeli beach babe Moran Titanchi

  • tom_billesley
    • Minicapt

      Perry isn’t a male, he’s just mal.