Globe Has Exclusive On The Horrible Horrific Horror Of A Gay Syrian Refugee Forced To Live In …. Hamilton!!!!

Big+Silly+Goose“…Julian (which isn’t his real name, but the one he plans to legally assume in Canada for his safety) has visited the two gay bars in Hamilton, his home for the past eight months. On those visits, he met only a handful of LGBTQ people and was disheartened by the cultural change.

Julian was equally dismayed when his settlement worker admitted to knowing little about local LGTBQ resources.”

Oh the Humanity!

  • Brett_McS

    I’d put this with the University of Chicago announcement to shove your safe spaces and trigger warnings: A shot across the bows in the culture war which will also pay commercial dividends.

  • He can go back to Syria if he likes.

    • Sounds like he wants to.

      • Gary

        Wait, isn’t there a roof top Patio where someone could die if the “fell” off.
        That will make him feel right at home as if ISIS followed him hear.

        ” Out of the closet and onto the Roof” .

      • Don’t let me stop him.

  • pettifog

    His sister has uterine cancer, his mother is described as elderly and they are coming to Canada next year? Even in Trudeau’s Canada, does anyone consider the strain that’s going to put on Canada’s health care system?

    • Deborahrblanford2

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    • Gary

      Justin and Wynne are pushing the Euthanasia for older canadians that were born here to Canadian parents.
      They want them to hurry up and F’in die you parasites so the refugees can get quality health care.
      The 1000,s of senior will be dead by the 2019 Election anyway so die you bastards because Justin won’t need their votes as he plans to bring in another 150,000 sunni Muslims from Syria.

  • Canadian Born

    I wish all those Syrians would move back to where they came from. Most of these refugees do nothing but complain about how they have to adjust to Canada. Do they take lessons from someone?

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Yes; they take lessons from the lamestream media, which go out of their way to find Syrian “refugees” (I really hesitate to use that term because many of them didn’t come here directly from Syria) who aren’t having a great time in Canada and turn their “struggles” into a front page story.

  • BillyHW

    Aren’t you excited to be paying for Julian’s beer at the gay bar?

  • ismiselemeas

    I’ve heard St. John’s Newfoundland might be more to his liking.

  • Minicapt

    He’s gay … and he’s not happy …


  • There are still a few slots open in Orlando.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I am surprised that Canadian gays have anything to do with “gay Muslims”. Aside, of course, from queens and masochists.

  • Grover the Polar Bear

    Canada is an evil, repressive country that has a government which does not organize gay orgies for refugees. I expect Amnesty International will promptly issue a condemnation of Canada for this terrible oppression of forcing gay refugees to organize their own social lives and maybe use google or an online dating site to find sex. I can only hope our enlightened Prime Minister sees the injustice of the situation and holds a gay orgy for Syrians at 24 Sussex Drive as an example to all of Canada for what we should do to embrace our new country persons. Because it’s 2016.