Politicians fiddle with burkini while Europe boils


Until a few years ago, nobody had heard of a burkini. After this summer, it is unlikely many people will want to hear about the garment ever again. The fact that this item of beach clothing has become such a colossal story is deeply telling of the underlying issues of our time: issues not only to do with the present state of Islam, but also central issues with the current state of the West.

  • Alain

    Muslims are exploiting, who can blame them, the moral weakness of the West. I refer to the lie that all cultures are equal and that all must be viewed as equal and treated the same before our liberal laws and regulations. Blinded by this false concept too many in the West are unable to understand that this, like the hijab, is a political statement and not simply a matter of personal dress choice.

    • Liberal idiots are digging their own graves.

      • Surele Surele

        Unfortunately, we might participate in the funeral as occupants of same graves. If nothing changes, that is. November can’t come fast enough. I hope.

      • Alain

        Along with ours.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      All cultures are not equal and that is always my first chess move in any argument.

      • Alain

        You are right that they are not all equal much less the same sharing the same values. My point is that all our liberal laws and regulations to enforce non discrimination and equality are only workable within a culture of shared values. Therefore they provide an excellent weapon to be used against us by Muslim invaders. Yet the establishment, which includes courts, judges, so-call HR commissions, etc. remain wilfully blind to this basic fact. What ends up happening is that they always then choose to eliminate our own freedoms and liberty under the pretext that it is necessary to deal with the evil they have imported and assisted.