Christian B&B owner takes out ad: No, we won’t host your gay ‘wedding’

August 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A Texas wedding venue owner preemptively addressed questions about whether he would facilitate same-sex “weddings” by placing an ad in a local paper assuring the community he would not.

“Our Christian faith demands that we not participate in same-sex, transgender or any other perversion of marriage,” the ad said. “If you disagree with our stance on marriage, please respect our Christian belief and have your wedding elsewhere.”

  • Heltau

    Ohh, That’s going to leave a mark on someone.

    • Gonna be lots of hurt feelings.

      • xavier

        Here’s a second thought experiment: why aren’t neww business and venues sprouting up like mushrooms to meet this demand?

        If i’m a business man looking to make profits, i’d definiately specifically cater to them. But i guess it’s so much easier to steal an established business by snivelling about discrimination and hwert fewwings.

  • Brett_McS

    I’d put this together with the University of Chicago’s pronouncement to shove your safe spaces and trigger warnings: A shot across the bows in the culture war which will also pay commercial dividends.

  • BillyHW

    Doesn’t he know that tolerance is a one way street?

  • However one may feel on gay marriage, why should a business be forced into doing something it would normally not do for ethical reasons?

  • Waffle

    Kinky said it best (love those Texans):

  • xavier

    Here’s a thought experiment how wouls euthanisers react if someone asked for a referral to pallitive care?

    Boy MSM and the courts would defend the rights of the euthanisers to refuse that service

  • DOJ and IRS have new victim! Probably the FBI and DHS too!