Birmingham council demanded Ahmadi renounce claims to be Muslims following sectarian pressure

Birmingham education authorities buckled to pressure from sectarian hardliners and blocked a Muslim sect from being represented on an interfaith council, it is claimed.

Members of Birmingham’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community were told that in order to be represented on the city’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) they would have to agree not to identify themselves as Muslims, after a threatened walkout from other Muslim members of the committee.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This only proves that the more shit you step into, the worse the smell.

  • pdxnag

    Survival means telling anyone who self-identifies as Muslim to march to the exit. (Either that or you can convert or die.)

  • Uncommunist

    SCARE Bleu !

  • Gary

    Don’t get sucked in to feeling sorry of the Ahmadis because the ones in Canada that have their own community in Maple have fooled all 3 major Federal Party leaders that THEY are the peaceful ones and it’s those other 99% that have islam all wrong.
    I have commented before that they impose Sharia in their Gated Community plus the surrounding area where the Police and social services along with banks and Hospitals must BOW to islam and the Ahmadi’s version of islam.
    Ahmadi’s think they are peaceful because they came out of Pakistan to head to Canada and are free to practise their lesser Oppressive sharia than the hell-hole they fled.

    When the Ahmadi’s ‘Peace Village’ opened up for the sale of homes they erected a primitive WELCOME sign at the entrance which was in Hamas GREEN with white print. BUT…….someone driving by the sign had noticed a smaller print sentence in Arabic. So they stopped to read it as a non-muslim that can speak and read it on top of their English skills.
    The arabic print was a verse from the Quran that is a prayer to allah to ask for a Victory over the Kuffars to claim their land for islam and the caliphate.

    Gee, these sweet and innocent Ahmadi’s that fled Pakistan as a Minority seem to want to be the majority in Canada and oppress their own Minority groups inside Canada to force THEM to flee from their version of Sharia.

    The problem is islam, no matter what sect comes to Canada at plays the refugee we will end up being the battle ground where all of the major cities will be like Baghdad with regular suicide -bomber and VBIED’s outside the shia, sunni, ahmadi Mosques .
    Justin was coddled and lead a life of opulence while few people around him even had the guts to slap this moron into Reality. He will gets thousands of us killed from the Virture Signalling in 2015 to promise to bring in 50,000 pro-sharia Sunni muslim refugees with next to no employable skills and then 50,000 more each year for the next 3 years .

    The Ahmadi’s got caught posting that prayer to allah to claim canada for islam, so these weasels quickly covered it and erected a new sign for the media to see.

    A weasel by any other name……

    The ahmadi’s used guilt to get their illegal Mosque built that broke the Zoning laws and others building Codes. It was to have the mosque close to the houses for the Chillllllllldren so they didn’t have to walk more than 3 minutes from the furthest house.
    Right , but they became the majority at the Teston rd Public school near by and then DEMANDED the Gym be a mosque on Friday so the Chilllllldren didn’t have to go all that way to the illegal Mosque they demanded.
    At first , these scam artists wanted the province to build a school( madrassa) for their chilllllllldren so it was close to the homes but non-muslims wouldn’t wanted because the teachers would speak Urdu and not want to speak English as well to a few non-muslim students born ion Canada.

    It never ends folks, cancer never goes away by itself because it likes to spread even if it kills the Host body( Canada).
    After 9/11 I had bought into the Victim Hood narrative that islam was hijacked. But it’s almost 15 years later and i had my fill of islam where i hate it and would like to see it die a sudden death and burn every copy of the death cults Holly Book .

    • Joe Adam-Smith

      I can’t comment there, Gary, but It was an Ahmadi shopkeeper murdered in Glasgow for wishing his customers a Happy Easter! And Ahmadis, to my knowledge do tend to NOT be extremist…… But, in your case, I’ll obviously bow to what happened there…. Sad,isn’t it?

      • Gary

        U r correct.
        But I’ve been following the Ahmadi’s for awhile and they have a passive Jihad based on aggressive Dawah and their less oppressive version of sharia .
        The USA spokespersons use taqiyyah when interviewed . Their tactic is to toss out the most common terms people hear which is related to the Quran and islam. This fools the viewers to think the person is speaking for the 1.5 billion muslims on Earth that actually have a different version of Muhammad and islam.

        The Ahmadi’s go back to about 1925 when their creator that ( Ahmad) claimed to have the true islam – from about 1885 where Jesus, Muhammed and Vishnu came back to life in his spirit to give the final message from allah – had died and took over as the Prophet in their eyes which replaced muhammed .

        It boils down to a Global Caliphate for Ahmadi only muslims that live by sharia law.

        They all just might be those sweet passive people , but it’s a spin-off of the original death-cult fascism which has its own share of peaceful followers that KNOW that islam means Submission . But it’s really odd that the muslims in the West seem to be the core group among them that exalts islam and sharia as perfect but fled their islamic hell-hole or DON’T want to move to any islamic nation ruled by that Utopic Sharia that CAIR-Canada and Sheema Khan want for Canada.

        • Joe Adam-Smith

          “But it’s really odd that the muslims in the West seem to be the core
          group among them that exalts islam and sharia as perfect but fled
          their islamic hell-hole or DON’T want to move to any islamic nation
          ruled by that Utopic Sharia that CAIR-Canada and Sheema Khan want
          for Canada.” Same as the muslims suposedly fleeing war in Middle East?Afghanistan etc who don’t want to go to eg Saudia Arabia/Kuwait etc – good muslim countries. Much richer than the west……..!

        • I wrote my own take on the Ahmadis a while ago:

          It seems to me they are their own worst enemies, but also as you suggest above, there is still enough that is Islamic about their “version” of Islam that is deeply problematic. Very interesting, your story above,

      • Mike Ogston

        People really need to take one giant step back from religion – of ANY denomination – & see just how ridiculous it is to conceive that one supreme being is responsible for trillions of planets/ stars/ nebulae, call them what you will up there. Do you REALLY believe there is an all-seeing, all doing supreme being “in charge of it all? Rather than tear ourselves apart at EVERY opportunity, we should be pulling together to try & SURVIVE on this tiny dust-particle of a planet. STAND BACK & SEE THE REAL PICTURE!!!!!!

        • Gary

          So tell us what happens in your World when a huge minority of people don’t see murder as a bad thing to be jailed for.
          Every City would have laws by consensus and not a Moral yardstick by a high power.
          Just look at how Obama and the AG Loretta Lynch will NOT condemn the BLM terrorists while we see Hillary and Obama inciting the Cop killers .

          It’s nice that YOU are moral and would be a peaceful person, but where are those successful productive low-crime Atheist Nations because all the atheists I see want to live in those evil oppressive Western nation with laws based on a faith to not kill or steal .

  • Blacksmith

    It is amazing how fast once strong people have surrendered to pisslam. Walk out, if you are not part of the solution then live with the results.

  • Joe Adam-Smith

    It was an Ahmadi shopkeeper murdered in Glasgow for wishing his customers a Happy Easter!