Bangladesh police ‘kill main Dhaka cafe attack suspect’ alleged “Canadian” Tamim Chowdhury.

Security forces claim to have killed three people, including prime suspect Bangladeshi-Canadian citizen Tamim Chowdhury.

Bangladesh police have stormed a house outside the capital, Dhaka, shooting dead three people, including the main suspect in the last month’s cafe attack that killed 22 hostages.

“We can see three dead bodies here,” senior police officer Sanwar Hossain told AFP news agency on Saturday.

“Tamim Chowdhury is dead. He is the Gulshan attack mastermind and the leader of JMB (Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh, a domestic armed outfit),” he said.

  • tom_billesley

    Downtrodden, deprived, disadvantaged …..

    The identity of these terrorists revealed that they were normal and regular guys, came from affluent families, actively used social media, and some attended Bangladesh’s top-notch educational institutes. One terrorist, Nibras Islam, caused an uproar when people found out that he attended one of the first elite private universities of Bangladesh – North South University in Dhaka. Many well-off families in Bangladesh send their children to North South University (NSU) as it is considered the ‘center of excellence in higher education.’

  • I’ve been reading the news and it’s not Muslims what are the problem today – it’s the Frenchmen in Australia and the Canadians and the Swedes and the Belgians.

    All western countries and all predominately white cultures.

    You cannot deny it.

  • pettifog

    I can’t wait for Justin T. to condemn this guy’s killing. After all, a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

    • ontario john

      Except if your a Christian Canadian in China. Don’t want to upset Turdeau’s upcoming selfie tour there.

  • ontario john

    The two loyal Canadian muslims are obviously the victims of Canada’s white colonial past and rampant islamophobic attitudes.

  • simus1

    Taking one hour to overcome the muslim fanatics suggests the police were trying to capture at least one of them alive, if not in perfect condition.