World’s first self-driving cabs take to Singapore streets

The world’s first self-driving taxis will be picking up passengers in Singapore starting Thursday.

Select members of the public will be able to hail a free ride through their smartphones in taxis operated by nuTonomy, a US-based autonomous vehicle software startup that has been conducting trials of self-driving vehicles in Singapore since April.

  • I can’t wait for the self-driving Police cars.

    But please, nobody repeat the above anywhere in Canada — if Justin finds out about it he will make it Federal law, plus he’ll get Barack and Hillary behind it. (oh crap I forgot this was a public blog. too late)

  • Maurice Miner

    “Hey, Driver! Got room for a six pack and a pizza?”

    I wonder who will be cleaning these things between journeys?

    • xavier

      Rooba the robotic vaccum cleaner?

      • Maurice Miner

        Hmmmm. My Rooba won’t even clean up singed cat fur, let alone a boisterous explosion of beer and pizza…

        • xavier


          • Maurice Miner

            In fact, I think the bloody useless device is called a “Roomba”. I can’t be bothered checking, because it has probably scuttled well away from its charging place, and is hiding under a couch.

            Anyway, the damn thing assiduously avoids picking up anything dirty – like cat fur (singed or otherwise), and especially beer and pizza special mix.

            The only thing that is going to properly prepare a Johnny Cab for the next user is a full-force jet spray of water, instant drying, and deodourising. Otherwise, be prepared for some exceptionally fetid experiences!

        • “singed” cat fur? What you forgot you left the cat in the barby before you lit it?

          • Maurice Miner

            Microwave. That’s where they choose to sleep during the day. Throw in some frozen snags to defrost for dinner, and they end up singed.

            If they did the same thing in the barbecue, they would be blazed, not singed.

          • I stand corrected.

    • Clink9

      Sure, put it in the back!

    • The Butterfly

      I hope they bring the hazmat equipment.

  • xavier

    Yeah but that part of Singapore is very upscale. Tony is the word I think you can use. I be more impressed if it drove say in Jurong (on the west side of the island) or at Tampines (on the east) the 2 biggest ‘munciplalities’ with lots of streets and traffic

  • tom_billesley

    Will ministers give up their chauffeur-driven government cars?

  • Ed

    Whatever will all the muslim doctors and engineers do for a living now?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      You win the internet today.
      Thank you.
      That actually made me laugh.