Self-identified Muslim Illuminati member and reptile overlord deemed unfit for trial in terror case

Says he’s persecuted for being Muslim too…

A Federal judge ruled Thursday that a man suspected of trying to detonate a bomb in the Loop is not mentally competent to stand trial at this time.

The suspect, Adel Daoud, will be sent to a mental treatment facility for three months, the judge said, and then re-evaluated to determine whether a trial can proceed.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman said that because Daoud believes he is a member of a secret society of the Illuminati and a reptile overlord, he has a delusional disorder and cannot rationally understand the proceedings or assist his lawyers.

  • simus1

    Anyone can see the poor chap is possessed by djinns.

    Surely his lawyers can apply to have him transferred to a facility where “traditional islamic methods” and holy sheiks can come up with a cure.

  • K1

    Organized Crime just likes to paint their own people as insane
    ….in order to get them a light jail sentence!
    Then Organized Crime sets about to make victims of Organized Crime look insane in order for the victims to be discredited in the court room
    The Doctor is likely working for Organized Crime
    I’m surprised that the Judge does not believe in the existence of…
    the Freemason and the Illuminati … as they do exist…under the heading of Organized Crime groups ….looks like the Judge is Organized Crime as well …
    This is where unchallenged Liberalism has gotten the West … MEXICO BENEATH THE VANEER OF RESPECTABILITY

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Or, he’s just a lying cunt.

  • B__2

    He may have chosen to believe in the less crazy set of beliefs, from the two options:
    (a) Islam is a religion of peace and Mohammed is the god named Allah’s last prophet, or,
    (b) Daoud is a member of the Illuminati and a reptile overlord.
    He might be more sane than we think.