Mountie outlines roadblocks in terror fight

In an exclusive interview with Mercedes Stephenson, RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana ‎said the Mounties receive significant amounts of information from CSIS and the FBI but are barred from bringing charges.

“Sometimes we have information that clearly indicates the individuals may be moving toward violent tendencies but unfortunately we cannot proceed with criminal charges because that information would be inadmissible,” Cabana said.

  • moraywatson

    Canada needs to implement a federal system of insurance that is imposed on publicly identifying adherents of islamic-totalitarian-supremacism. Every such adherent would be subjected to a peace-bond, of say $50,000. Every transgression by a totalitarian supremacist would result in forfeiture of their bond, and an additional tariff against all other identifying adherents, of say $1,000. ‘Transgressions’ would include, wearing of muslim garb in public, calls to ‘prayer’ in public, and public proselytization.

    Obscene you say ? Or just an infidel version of jizya.

  • Jim Horne

    “The first duty of the government is to afford protection to its citizens.”

    When both the Minister of Public Safety and the Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP agree that there are gaps in the security system the put citizens at risk of terror attacks then they have a duty that is paramount to remedy the situation immediately.

    Further, when CSIS says that the number one threat to national security remains violent extremists it is clear that the Trudeau Government and the Minister of Public Safety in particular have failed to give the Security Agencies and the RCMP the tools needed to prevent terror attacks.

    This lack of resolve on the part of the Trudeau Government is on display each time a security risk through the legal system is provided with more protections by defence attorneys and judges than is a citizen facing a terror attack.

    Potentially expanding Canada’s Emergencies Act to permit Security and Intellience Agencies in concert with the RCMP and overseen and signed-off by a Parliamentary body which will authorize them to take swift and decisive action to protect Canadians is one of the answers that closing the gap.

    Unless and until Canada’s Security Agencies are empowered to use lethal force to eliminate potential threats and not just immediate threats to public safety, citizens will continue to be fodder in terrorist attacks.

    We need to hold those responsible for our safety to account. It’s time to put their feet to the fire. If those responsible for our safety cannot do the job they should step aside voluntarily or be forcibly removed from their position if required.

  • FactsWillOut

    Obviously, the answer is to implement broad, sweeping powers to the police force, and any other government agency.

  • K1

    I would like an honest Policeman…
    to walk with me daily so…
    that I can point out the…
    hit-children that…
    attempt to murder me… daily …
    I would like each of these people CARDED so that they can be identified!
    Please and Thank you
    ….oooh yes and bring back hang-man’s hill by St Clair/Yonge!