Germany: We ‘old’ immigrants are concerned

Over 40 years ago, Bassam Tibi, a political scientist from the city of Göttingen, left Syria for Germany. In an interview with DW he says that even he is opposed to limitless immigration.

“…This morning members of the Muslim Brotherhood were also here. They want a theocracy here in Germany. I told them, “You must be grateful to be here. You cannot impose your ideology on Germans.” Then they asked me, “Are you a Muslim?” I said “yes.” Then they said, “The earth belongs to God. And Germany belongs to Allah. And Allah gave us Germany. And we will apply God’s laws here!” That is not the Islam that I came to know as a tolerant religion in Damascus. Syrians do not exist as an overall category. My experience this morning was that there are Syrians that are good. They are grateful to be here. They will get an education and become successful. But Islamists also come here. They want to spread ideas that our constitution does not allow.”