Brothers Dumb & Dumber Plead Guilty To Terror Charges

Three subjects of Ottawa ‘terror cluster’ plead guilty to terrorism-related offences

Carlos and Ashton Larmond - A genetic dead end if ever there was

Carlos and Ashton Larmond – A genetic dead end if ever there was

  • Martin B

    Islam is the most powerful loser magnet ever invented. These guys are living proof.

  • Truthhurts

    Trudeau is the dhimmi loser who fooled everyone while bowing down to his extremist buddies in terror mosques. Photos easily found online. Disgusting.

    • Clink9

      The ultimate fartcatcher. Crawl down on the stink carpet with the men and pray Justin.

  • ontario john

    I guess the authorities should have taken the Toronto Star’s advice, and have sat down for a coffee with them. Maybe little Justin can give them the order of Canada.

  • mobuyus

    One of em was given wall to wall counseling at the Ottawa Carleton Regional Detention center, maybe helping him see the error of his way.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Somehow, I doubt that.

      • mobuyus

        He was roughed up in jail and he is pleading guilty.

  • Cat-astrophe


  • Cat-astrophe

    Hey you two guys, you want to make big money smuggling rare hamsters out of Syria?
    They seriously mulled over the offer before agreeing….

    • Justin St.Denis