Texas School District Posts Signs Warning Criminals That Their Teachers Are Armed


Here’s what the superintendent of the district had to say about the policy –

“Any employee at Claude ISD, any teacher, I feel firmly they would give their life to save a child. Our job is to make sure the kids are safe, that they are comfortable and secure,” Superintendent Jeff Byrd said. He also compared the new signs to ‘Beware of Dog’ and home security signs that serve as deterrents, not threats.

“Statistics will show that most of the shootings that have occurred in public school have been some what a copycat situation,” Byrd said. “The goal of the perpetrators is to out-do the last shooting and statistics have shown people with warning signs are being proactive and preventative, the only reason the sign is there is to prevent somebody from coming in.”

THAT’S how you prevent a tragedy, folks.

  • The Butterfly

    Finally some common sense gun reform.

  • Dana Garcia

    You gotta be armed when there are so many poisonous snakes around.

  • Clink9

    This won’t fit the lefties narrative. They would rather a high body count of innocents.