Proof of Life: ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller’s Heartbreaking Never-Before-Seen Video Message From Captivity

The MP4 video clip was only 10 seconds. Long enough for her family to recognize the young American woman in a black head scarf and green hijab but not long enough to identify where she was or who held her hostage in Syria in 2013.

“My name is Kayla Mueller,” she began in a clear voice, her eyebrows arched upwards, in apparent stress, above her glassy eyes, “I need your help.”

  • The Butterfly

    Aid “work” is nothing but moral exhibitionism.

    • Slickfoot

      Couldn’t help but notice your progress in trans-speciesist surgery.

      • Honour his Truth!

      • The Butterfly

        Yes, I’ve finally decided to go through with the transbutterfly surgery.

        Aren’t I beautiful?

        Thanks for noticing.

        • I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I made a lot of assumptions. I really, really see that now. They came from a place of privilege, and that’s something I struggle to become more aware of, every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

          I just assumed that you identified in a certain gender-binary way. It is not my place to impose that narrative on you. Your fluidity in all respects is a fundamental human right.

          Honour zir Truth.

          I hope you can someday forgive me. I’m signing up for Godfrey Elfwick’s workshop. I seek to become more #woke.

          • The Butterfly

            I forgive you because I am full of mercy.

          • Thank you. I am scum.

  • irishrus

    As Clint Eastwood has said We need to “kick ass and take names”

  • caliroxanne

    Sorry, but no tears for her. She was a nasty anti-American, anti-Israel, Palestinian-loving, Islam-loving radical, cultural Marxist leftist. One less 0bama/Hillary voter.

    • She was a damn fool but in no universe did she deserve what happened to her.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Yeah she kinda did. Do terrorist shit get terrorist shit done to you.

        • I hope you’re perfect.

          • Hard Little Machine

            It’s not about pity it’s about war.

          • I thought it was about what people deserve.

          • Hard Little Machine

            You’re trying to bait me in saying something. Not going to happen. Feel free to pity the savages who would literally piss on your dead face. That’s on you.

          • I’m not trying to bait you into anything. Get over yourself.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I loved this show.
          Mostly for Patrick Warburton.

      • k2

        Questions of blame, ethics or morality aside, she could have known what the probable consequences of her reckless behaviour would be – and yet she continued down that path. Why? Perhaps she was simply a fool, as you suggest. (Now as to whether she is now a damned fool, I guess that’s not for us to say ….)

        • Well, I didn’t say “damned”. An agnostic, I’m more delicate about these things than most religious people I know. Superstition, really.

          Of course she should have known better. Her parents, her teachers, everyone should have known better. She was an immature twit who was slowly tortured to death in a hell on Earth. I’m supposed to be glad? (That’s rhetorical, I know you’re not saying that.)

          • k2

            The idea of anyone being forced to suffer eternally, regardless of what crimes they committed in life. Eterrrrrrnallllyyy (deep, spooky voice in the darkness accompanied by background organ music, or maybe harpsichord).

            The only way I can get around to believing in it (in combination with a benevolent deity – Hell is hardly incompatible with a sadist like Allah of course) would be something like CS Lewis’ idea (and others), that the gates of Hell are locked from within. In other words, any of the damned (self damned) could in theory leave at any time, but continually – eternally – choose not to. As to why they would so choose … well, that’s enough of my pseudo-philosophical ranting for one day, I think 😉

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I’ve told my kids, look, you might think I’m an asshole, or a racist, or a bigot, but I’ve tried to warn them that they can never go to these places in safety.

  • John

    Had she survived and been ransomed, I bet her Arab ‘boyfriend’ would have taken his cut of the ransom money. I don’t think she could even distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. A whole series of Western women have now died while attempting to help these *poor little Brown people*, and I’m beginning to suspect most had very similar psychological profiles. Her parents are partly to blame for her fate.

  • WalterBannon

    leftist hoisted on own petard

    that’s social justice

  • Millie_Woods

    Idiots Without Borders

  • Hard Little Machine

    She was huge into BDS, ISM, nuke the Jews, that sort of thing. Personally I hope she’s sexually serving livestock in hell.