Maine: Muslim Refugee Collected Welfare for 4 Years While Becoming Islamic Terrorist


An Iranian refugee receiving welfare benefits in Maine while becoming self-radicalized before he fought and died for ISIS has an enraged Gov. Paul R. LePage calling for a sweep of all such taxpayer-funded payouts in his state and nationwide.

Adnan Fazeli, 38, came to Freeport, Maine, in 2009 and was killed last year on the battlefield in Lebanon after abandoning his wife and three kids to join the terror army, according to federal court documents unsealed this week.

LePage said the stunning news of an Islamic State convert in his midst has left him “embarrassed” and outraged at President Obama’s “failed” vetting of immigrants, adding he’s fed up with states like his being left to deal with the refugee crisis.

  • Gary

    Muslims aren’t known for their work ethic , islams goal is to have the women as baby machines paid by the State while every male over 13 it’s ordered to do jihad for allahs caliphate.
    Omar Khadr was doing what allah asked when he was over 13 , he was NOT a child soldier for allah but a Soldier for allah.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It’s smooth sailing for Obama’s jihad.

  • simus1

    Gov LePage must be a bit thick if he isn’t aware that a “good muslim burdening the infidel by all means available” such as being on welfare in “Dar al Harb” is doing exactly what the “koran does not say” is required of him.

  • BillyHW

    Welfare is immoral and if you support it you are immoral.

  • marty_p

    He wasn’t a true Muslim if he only abandoned one wife.

  • Editor

    Hey Gov, get used to it. Now that he’s dead, you’ll need to give his widow and three kids all sorts of benefits, probably for the rest of her life. It’s called jizya.